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Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge (DHS, Eagle II)

List of Team Members :
Barrister Global
Chiliad Publishing Inc.
EMC Corporation
FedSys Secure
Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.
Kore Federal
Potomac River Group LLC
Samsung SDS America, Inc.
Summit Technologies Inc.
Systems Development and Analysis
ViaTech Systems

Quality Assurance Program
Our entire management approach is designed to focus on cost savings while achieving high quality Task Order (TO) performance and results which meet the Navy's objectives.

The Raytheon Seaport Team's quality program incorporates strong leadership committed to quality performance, defined processes for all Seaport activities, qualified, competent personnel employing professional workmanship, open communications internally and externally to the customer, and delivery of products and services that meet customer requirements. Our quality program encompasses Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) approaches for all Seaport TOs.

Using Quality Management the Raytheon Seaport team ensures the right processes and resources are built in to maximize performance and promote consistent quality in all services we provide to the Navy under Seaport. Our Team is prepared to achieve these quality excellence and customer success goals all across the Seaport contract by:

  • Focusing on continuing improvement, total customer satisfaction, and business excellence
  • Consolidating our team's processes to ensure the Navy benefits from the best practices of each team member
  • Using IPDS process consistency and data-driven R6s improvement to create substantial and measurable quality benefits.

Raytheon's Enterprise Quality Management System (QMS) is our approved and recognized quality management approach for our defense businesses. It ensures product conformance from design through in-service. The QMS manual is used to communicate our QMS requirements to and between Raytheon, customers, suppliers and subcontract teammates. The manual is based on the international standards ISO 9000:2000 and Aerospace Standard AS9100. Raytheon ensures that our QMS is state-of-the-art and continually suitable, adequate and effective by:

  • Conducting management reviews
  • Conducting internal and external audits
  • Customer feedback
  • Raytheon Six Sigma improvement
  • Monitoring statutory and regulatory requirements

Raytheon QMS addresses every facet of our business and ensures conformity to all requirements, customer-required or otherwise, to ensure that all Raytheon tasks are performed to the highest level of quality. As part of the startup process our team will be indoctrinated to our QMS. Raytheon will also review the Quality Management System of each of our performing subcontractor teammates ensuring they meet the overall requirements of the Contract and resultant TOs. We will then integrate the QMS' where possible into a total team approach to quality management.

The quality of performance on all TOs will be monitored using our proven and approved Quality Management procedures. Raytheon-lead TOs will be monitored using our internal processes which have a successful history of ensuring conformity and driving out variation in our products. These procedures apply whether we are building missiles or providing program management administration support. The program can be tailored to every level and complexity of performance throughout the company.

We will also flow our high standards of quality down to our team members. Our PMT, our Quality Team and our Supply Chain Management organization are equipped and experienced with cascading our culture of interwoven quality to our subcontract team members.

Task Orders

There are no task orders available at this time.

Technical Instructions

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How Does It Work

End customers with GWOT funds and requirements contact the government RPTI contracting officer. The contracting officer posts the requirements on an internal website for competition. The prime contractors submit proposals. The Government has seventeen (17) days to make the award.

Whom Do I Contact

James Banks
Program Manager

Valerie St. Peter
Program Administrator

Karen Porciello

Craig Peterson
Teaming Coordinator
Teaming Coordinator

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