R2-3G is the U.S. Army Program Communications-Electronics Life Cycle Management Command’s follow on contract to the current Rapid Response (R2) contract. This is a multiple award IDIQ vehicle to provide critical equipment and engineering services to government system, platform and item managers worldwide. Any federal agency will be able to use the R2-3G contract and it will have a ceiling of $16.4B.

Team Raytheon's R2-3G Proposal was submitted in Aug 08 and after an extensive proposal delay, we were awarded a Prime position on 29 July 2010 with the first task Order RFP appearing in Sep 2010. The solicitation requirements are to "provide support in the areas of technology insertion, system integration/installation, fabrication/prototyping, testing/certification, studies/analyses, logistic support services, training and engineering support services, including re-engineering and reverse engineering, for a range of equipments and services." (W15P7T-08-R-E001, p3)

We have assembled a first class team of small and large businesses to provide rapid, unique and innovative solutions to our R2-3G customers. Our commitment to leverage small business agility and niche capabilities is evidenced in our team composition, with 62 of our 81 partner companies being a small business organization. Our large business partners bring the power and resources of well established providers to ensure Team Raytheon can deliver complete, best technical and best value services and products.