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Corporate Contract - USAF WR

The Raytheon/USAF Corporate Contract is a 10 year ID/IQ contract that was designed to be a streamlined method for the acquisition of sole source Raytheon items throughout the US Government. This Strategic Sourcing Contract can be used to procure Equipment, Spare Parts, Repairs, & Technical/Engineering Services using Fixed Price, Cost Plus, or Time & Material delivery orders in accordance with FAR Part 12 (Commercial) or FAR Part 15 (Non-Commercial). This allows a cost effective approach to repetitive procurements and allows quick order placement for pre-priced items. This contract is valid until March 10, 2013, with a ceiling value of over $1 Billion.

Who Can Use It

Any US Govt. Procuring Agency can use the Corporate Contract to procure any Raytheon Sole Source item or service, from any participating Raytheon Division. Decentralized ordering allows US Govt. customers to work directly with the Raytheon site providing the item or service. Pre-priced items and pre-negotiated T&M Rates allow delivery order creation and funding commit in days, rather than weeks or months.

What Is The Scope

The Corporate Contract is a 10 year IDIQ Contract initiated with WRALC with a ceiling of $1.049 Billion, and can be used by any US Govt. Agency to procure any Raytheon Sole Source Equipment, Spare Parts, Repairs, and Technical/Engineering services using Firm Fixed Price, Cost Plus, or Time and Material Rates using Far Part 12 or FAR Part 15 Rules. Contract ends on March 10, 2013.

How Does It Work

Raytheon sites are formally added to the contract by modification. A Formula Pricing Agreement (FPA) can be established between WRALC and each Raytheon Site. Prices for Items and Services that are developed in accordance with the FPA require no negotiation. The item or service is then listed on the Corporate Contract Price List (CCPL), which is made available to US Govt Facilities. Procuring Activity works directly with the appropriate Raytheon site to create the delivery order. WR-ALC issues a control number and keeps track of funds committed to the contract. The IDIQ Service Center PMO receives a copy of proposals, signed delivery orders and all delivery order modifications for record keeping purposes.

Whom Do I Contact

Casey King
Program Manager
478.929.4441 ext. 29

Robin Klonarides
Contracts Administrator

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