The Raytheon Team brings world-class IT solutions and the diverse capabilities of 14 companies with a track record of high-quality and cost-effective services. Raytheon has managed and performed thousands of tasks, developing new software platforms and systems to provide better public access to data, promote mission success, and improve internal agency productivity. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation for outstanding performance in information technology services throughout the Federal Government, earning consistently high award fee scores and the recognition and respect of our customers. Raytheon's hallmark of technical excellence is realized through our strong commitment to total customer satisfaction and a partnering philosophy that shares in both the rewards and responsibilities of challenging work. It is through this commitment that Raytheon consistently translates our customer's requirements into innovative, high-quality, and cost-effective information technology solutions and services. The Raytheon Team has demonstrated skills and expertise across the board in all nine CIO-SP2 task areas


Award-winning Fortune 100 company with depth and breadth of corporate resources; superior technical performance in all nine task areas; 110,000 personnel in all 50 states and 100 countries. Second largest provider of IT services to the Federal Government.
A leading provider of integrated IT solutions and services to the U.S healthcare industry. Provided 50% of the nations top 100 integrated delivery systems. Services include interim CIO services, application consulting, network services, remote help desk, and related technology support services and integration of legacy systems with emerging technologies.
Provides system analysis and design; network engineering; training and implementation services; and information assurance services to DoD and Civilian government clients.
Thomas & HerbertAuthors of Federal Government Reengineering, "Truth or Dare?" used by Federal agencies to reengineer business processes.
Leader in development of biometrics technology for logical/physical access; developed innovative technology to manage patient data at hospitals using handheld computing devices.
sPs ConsultingDeveloped an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning approach that matches IT solutions with business strategy and processes.
Tucker & Assoc.Provider of systems integration and other IT support services for 19 years; six offices, including Atlanta and Washington, D.C.
Broad range of Internet and other IT services including e-commerce, system migration, outsourcing, and maintenance.
Computer AccessTelecommunications services supporting payload software, satellite engineering, system integration, and process reengineering.
More than 10 years providing systems integration and outsourcing services to Federal Government and commercial customers.
Offers physical and data security engineering; INFOSEC solutions; and infrastructure services including voice, video, and data. Winner of 1995 national "High Technology Award".
CEO, a former Director of Worldwide Army Healthcare Operations, supports Government in medical ERP and healthcare systems.