The scope of the Basic Contract includes any and all components of an integrated IT solution, including all current and any new technologies which may emerge during the life cycle of the Contract and information technology systems and services in support of National Security Systems. Alliant provides IT solutions through performance of a broad range of services which may include the integration of various technologies critical to the services being acquired.

Alliant provides the acquisition tool for integrated IT solutions, comprised of some or all three service categories: (1) Infrastructure Services, (2) Application Services, and (3) IT Management Services, which are further broken down in detail below.

Infrastructure Services

Service Access and Delivery
- Access Channels
- Delivery Channels
- Service Requirements
- Service Transport

Service Platform and Infrastructure
- Support Platforms
- Delivery Servers
- Software Engineering
- Database/Storage
- Hardware/Infrastructure

Component Framework
- Security
- Presentation/Interface
- Business Logic
- Data Interchange
- Data Management

Service Interface and Integration
- Integration
- Interoperability
- Interface

IT Management Services

Controls and Oversight
- Performance Management

Risk Management and Mitigation
- Contingency Planning
- Continuity of Operations (COOP)
- Service Recovery

Regulatory Development
- IT Policy and Guidance Development

Planning and Resource Allocation
- Budget Formulation/Execution
- Capital Planning
- Enterprise Architecture (EA)
- Strategic Planning
- Management Improvement

IT Security


Application Services

Customer Services
- Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
- Customer Preferences
- Customer Initiated Assistance

Process Automation
- Tracking and Workflow
- Routing and Scheduling

Business Management Services
- Management of Process
- Organizational Management
- Investment Management
- Supply Chain Management

Digital Asset Services
- Content Management
- Document Management
- Knowledge Management
- Records Management

Business Analytical Services
- Analysis and Statistics
- Visualization
- Knowledge Discovery
- Business Intelligence
- Reporting

Back Office Services
- Data Management
- Human Resources
- Financial Management
- Asset/Materials Management
- Development and Integration
- Human Capital/Workforce Management

Support Services
- Security Management
- Collaboration
- Search
- Communication
- Systems Management
- Forms Management

Custom Mission Support Systems