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Information Technology, Schedule 70 (IT)

GSA Schedule 70 is an IDIQ contract administered by the Federal Supply Service of the General Services Administration. As a GSA contractor under FSS Schedule 70, Raytheon provides an array of Information Technology products and services, including equipment, software, professional and electronic commerce services, training, third-party maintenance, and leases. Any agency of the U.S. Government may take advantage of Schedule 70 task orders to secure products and services in a variety of skill areas, including systems analysis, design, and installation; programming; and integrated logistics support.


Raytheon Company
Administrative Address
22270 Pacific Blvd
Dulles, VA 20166
Contract No.
132-8, 132-12, 132-50, 132-51
Task Order Types
T&M and FFP
Eligible Users
All Federal, State and Local Governments
Expiration Date

Products and ordering information on this GSA Schedule are also availalbe on GSA's online ordering system, GSA! Advantage. Agencies can browse the site by clicking the GSA Advantage logo:

GSA Advantage


Who Can Use It

This GSA Schedule is open to all U.S. Federal Government agencies throughout the world. Additionally, the E-Government Act of 2002, Section 211, authorizes GSA to enable states and local governments to utilize this GSA Schedule.

What Is The Scope

GSA's Information Technology (IT) Services Schedule, Schedule 70, has been available to Federal Government agencies and users for over 5 years. This Schedule is designed to bring high-quality professional IT services, in varying degrees from small-scale to broad-based task orders to complete outsourcing services, to the Federal Government throughout the world.

IT Services supported by this Schedule include:

  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Programming
  • Conversion and Implementation Support
  • Network Services
  • Network Services Project Management
  • Data/Records Management
  • Resources and Facilities Management
  • Database Planning and Design
  • Subscription/Publications
  • Other Information Technology Services (NEC)

How Does It Work

The contractual relationship is between the Government customer and Raytheon. GSA's involvement is limited to the receipt of the industrial funding fee on a quarterly basis.

Agency Ordering Procedures (FAR 8.404)

Minimum documentation is encouraged to streamline the procurement process.

Actions Not Required:

  • Further Competition Solicitation
  • Requirement Synopsis
  • Fair and Reasonable Pricing Determination
  • Small Business Set-Aside Consideration

Orders Under Micro-Purchase Threshold ($2,500):

  • Select "Best Value" Contractor
  • Place Order

Orders Above Maximum Order Threshold ($500,000):

  • Consider Additional Schedule Contractors (review GSA Advantage! web site)
  • Select Apparent "Best Value" Contractors
  • Request Price Reductions
  • Place Order with "Best Value" Contractor

Blanket Purchase Agreements

Government agencies are encouraged to establish Blanket Purchase Agreements with a Federal Supply Schedule contractor to fill recurring needs while taking advantage of quality discounts, saving administrative time, and reducing paperwork.

Whom Do I Contact


Ray Moehler
Program Manager

Susan Wogan

Bettsy Desjarlais
Contracts Administrator

GSA Schedules PMO

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