The GSA is soliciting management, organizational and business improvement services and products (MOBIS) to enable government agencies to improve performance, quality, timeliness and efficiency throughout their organizations.

These services will facilitate agencies' response to dynamic, evolutionary influences and mandates and will enable them to continuously improve mission performance. As these influences and mandates evolve, or are enacted, it is anticipated that the specific support provided by contractors under this schedule will evolve accordingly. These efforts should ultimately result in increased customer satisfaction and enhance the public's confidence in their Government.

Some examples of these influences and mandates are the Government Performance and Results Act; Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act, government reinvention initiatives such as improving customer service, benchmarking and streamlining; strategic sourcing; downsizing; and privatization.

GSA has developed the MOBIS Federal Supply Schedule. It indicates the contractors available for MOBIS support by Special Item Number (SIN) awarded.

Offerors shall propose services and /or products to support agencies in the implementation and continuation of management, organizational and business improvement efforts. Examples include but are not limited to: quality management; business process reengineering; strategic and business planning; knowledge management consulting, benchmarking; strategic sourcing; ISO 9000 and ISO 14000; activity-based costing; financial management analysis related to an improvement effort; statistical process control; construction and implementation of surveys; individual and organizational assessments and evaluations; process improvements; process modeling and simulation; performance measurement; organizational design; change management; development of leadership/management skills; and training in improving customer service, satisfaction, assistance in the performance of studies under OMB circular A-76, preparation of Performance Work Statements (PWS), program integration, project management, and alternative dispute resolution support.

MOBIS is designed to provide agencies with expert advice in all areas of management and management improvement. When tasking under MOBIS, agencies shall not use this vehicle for the acquisition of supplies other than that integral to the task and incidental to its central role of management improvement. The acquisition of IT is not forbidden under MOBIS, however, it must be clear that the software, hardware, or IT services acquired must be incidental to the management improvement effort, and directly linked to the successful performance of the task. There are no specified definitions of incidental. This determination shall be made by the responsible agency Contracting Officer. Typical examples of services that are not appropriate for purchase under a MOBIS task include, but are not limited to: financial audits; engineering services, IT systems integration, network services, volume purchase of IT hardware, software or software development, data base planning, marketing and media services, and human resources services. Training classes offered under SIN 874-4 which are not related to Business Office/Management Improvement Training as identified under the MOBIS scope will not be accepted. MOBIS is not a "General Training Schedule". Please review Schedules 69 Training Aids and Devices, Instructor-Led Training, Development for Course Materials-Programmed Learning Devices, 738 X Human Resources Management and EEO Services, 00CORP Corporate Contract Schedule and other GSA Schedules which may be better suited for your products/services as identified at our Schedules E-Library website:

Contractors may propose to offer a full range of services to support the requirements specified in the Scope of Work for Special Item Numbers (SIN) 874-1 through 874-8 and 874-99 or they may choose to offer services in the SINS in which they specialize. Offerors are encouraged to offer in any or all SINS and are not required to propose services in all nine (9) SINs.