“It is of vital importance that college students in Saudi Arabia, especially those who will serve in the armed forces to protect the Kingdom, receive the finest technical education in the world,” said Dr. Sami Alhumaidi, Executive Director of PSATRI, a joint venture between King Saud University and the Royal Saudi Air Force. “We are delighted that Raytheon, an international technology leader, has partnered with us to create this dynamic workshop.”

Raytheon has developed a relationship with King Saud University and is working on several programs in support of the university.

The relationship started with a Technology Workshop in March 2012. Raytheon partnered with the professors at King Saud University and the Prince Sultan Advanced Technology Institute, organizing two full days of math, science and technology presentations and demonstrations. The technology workshop featured briefings and interactive demonstrations on current and emerging technologies behind robotics, virtual simulation, laser technology, cybersecurity and other topics. More than 2,200 classroom seats in 20 technology sessions were filled by students and other attendees. By partnering with the Prince Sultan Advanced Technology Research Institute (PSATRI), we provided a workshop that enables students and others to better understand how technology and innovation are driving products and services that will be critical to the Kingdom in the future.

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