Raytheon’s commitment to the Middle East region extends nearly one-half century, from the time in 1964 when the first Hawk air defense system was provided.

This lasting and enduring commitment today extends beyond providing the world’s finest technology for defense and security. It involves direct support of critical regional issues such as the successful growth and development of the region’s technology industrial base, helping to create jobs and provide the youngest population in the world with the finest education possible.

Raytheon’s many-tiered MathMovesU program, utilizing a host of engaging learning programs to support Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education in the United States and around the world, is a commitment made with pride and determination. Now extended to the Middle East region, the intent of our STEM education assistance is to bring the best of our technology and people to the region and to provide direct support to educational programs and institutions at all levels of academics.

The information provided here is intended to provide a brief overview of Raytheon’s growing set of Middle East STEM initiatives. While we are proud of our efforts and plans to date, we look forward with tremendous enthusiasm to the prospect of tomorrow as well as to helping young people of the Middle East achieve their highest educational goals.

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