Raytheon is committed to growing its partnership with Poland. Together, we can create innovative and reliable solutions that meet Poland’s national security needs, build upon a highly respected and strong Polish industrial base, and foster local and global business opportunities.

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Industry Partnership
Poland will be a partner in the design, engineering and software co-development of the next generation Patriot air and missile defense system. This not only includes co-production of this future capability for Poland, but also for export to other nations for the radar, command and control, and missiles.

Raytheon is offering fifty percent Polish content including:

  • Transfer of technology with design
  • Manufacturing
  • Integration
  • Assembly
  • System validation and test, training, service and sustainment
  • Joint/NATO training center
  • Missile integration/assembly and certification facility

In 2014, Raytheon announced that it will partner with Bumar Elektronika (now PIT-RADWAR) on the design and development of a modernized Patriot Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) antenna. This new antenna is a key element of the advanced Patriot 360 degree radar. Raytheon also recently signed a contract award with TELDAT to develop and produce advanced militarized routers for the Patriot system. These contract awards demonstrate Raytheon's commitment to co-development in Poland well ahead of the WISLA decision.

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To date, Raytheon has signed more than two dozen initial teaming agreements (LOIs), all of which are focused on bringing work share to Polish industry from the WISLA program and beyond. These companies span the entire country and range from small to large, and private to state-owned.

Raytheon, together with its Norwegian partner Kongsberg, is also prepared to offer significant workshare and technology exchange with Polish industry on the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System (NASAMS), which could meet the Polish Ministry of Defence requirement for a short range air defense system.

Educational Partnership
Raytheon understands the strategic importance of collaborating with industry, universities and the broader scientific community. To this end, the company is engaging major institutions within Poland's higher education and science community to determine how to best help to advancing scientific studies and research in fields that are helping fuel Poland's economic growth.

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