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ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) is equally owned by Raytheon and Thales S.A., with subsidiaries located in Fullerton (near Los Angeles), California, and Massy (near Paris), France.

TRS is one of the oldest US/European joint venture companies in the aerospace and defense sector, serving a global market as well as Europe. Among the 1,600 TRS employees, split equally between locations in the U.S. and France, 80% are top-level engineers. Combining the technological strengths of both Thales and Raytheon, TRS offers customisable solutions matched with coordinated support for customers throughout the world. Among its key programmes and mission solutions are:

  • NATO Air Command and Control prime contractor to replace existing European C2 systems with single integrated system for planning, tasking, monitoring and mission execution that ultimately could connect with a common European missile defence network.
  • NATO Active Layered Theatre Ballistic Missile Defence Programme contract to provide commanders with real-time interim ballistic missile defence capabilities for deployed forces.
  • Command, Control and Communications world leader. Command View,® an innovative series of products to improve operational awareness, is now in service worldwide.
  • Export of the Firefinder battlefield radar, fielded at more than 600 locations around the world.

Separate from TRS, Raytheon Systems France (RSF), incorporated in France in 2000, serves as the main liaison between the French MoD and Raytheon Company. Since its creation, RSF has managed all Paveway guided-weapon contracts for the French Air Force and French Navy.


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