Technology Today

2013 Issue 1

A Message From Mark E. Russell

Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance

Mark Russell

Modeling and simulation is everywhere today: in schools and universities, to help teach as well as guide research in science, technology, engineering and math; in industry, to aid product design and perform preliminary testing; and in government, to help characterize, develop and manage our nation’s critical systems from weather forecasting to defense applications and national security.

Raytheon has been deeply involved with all phases of modeling and simulation, from the design and development of models and simulation systems to their use in real-world, mission-critical applications. Raytheon develops, operates and maintains many of the highest fidelity models and simulations for our nation’s defense and intelligence organizations.

Our simulation capabilities support everything from initial conceptual development activities, to product designs, to system testing, to training for fielded systems. In the area of field test planning and pre-test assessment, simulations play a central role in optimizing the value of what are typically expensive field tests, and in some cases simulations actually reduce the amount of field testing needed. The features in this issue highlight the technical innovations and creativity of our simulation engineers and how their simulations add value to our products and services.

In our Leaders Corner, Dan Dechant discusses his role and objectives as the new vice president of Corporate Engineering. Also, Chief Software Engineer Danielle Curcio examines the future of software development and the ongoing integration of simulations and software, including a discussion of the Raytheon Cyber Operations and Development Evaluation (CODE) center — a development, simulation and test facility for cybersystems.

Our Eye on Technology section includes papers on advanced manufacturing and software development innovations — both focused on improving performance while also meeting our customers’ cost requirements.

Finally, our Events section showcases our 2012 Excellence in Engineering and Technology Award winners and Raytheon’s MathMovesU® participation at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Best Regards,

Mark E. Russell

On the cover: Artist’s depiction of Raytheon’s use of simulation to help design, test and integrate systems.

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