Technology Today

2013 Issue 1

Eye on Technology

Challenging Software Productivity Limits

Continuous improvement to drive efficiency and higher development productivity is Raytheon’s priority and our customer’s directive.

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Net Shape Manufacturing of Metal Components by Metal Injection Molding
Improves Product Performance and Lowers Manufacturing Cost

Metal injection molding (MIM) is a powder metallurgy (PM) fabrication process employed by Raytheon to produce metal structures both simple and sophisticated. With MIM, metal or alloy parts can be formed in the same manner as plastic or ceramic parts at a fraction of the cost of machined parts, but with the same properties as wrought (hammered) materials.

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Toolkits Enable Efficient Software Development

Significant focus today is placed on applying software reuse and software design patterns to improve software development efficiencies, reduce costs and increase overall product quality. While this concept is conceptually understood, successfully implementing it is highly dependent on the individual solution (target platform, language, application domain, etc.) and oftentimes requires a manual effort with subject matter expert (SME) input.

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