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2010 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards

Raytheon Honors Its Newest Excellence in Engineering and Technology Award Recipients 2010 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards

Sixty-seven Raytheon engineers and technologists were honored for outstanding contributions to Raytheon’s innovation legacy at the 2012 Excellence in Engineering and Technology (EiET) Awards event which was held at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., on January 30, 2013.

“The EiET awards represent Raytheon’s highest technical honor,” remarked Mark E. Russell, vice president, Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance. Comparing the award-winners’ achievements to those demonstrated by the countless exhibits at the museum, Russell said, “You have pushed beyond the limits of technology to solve our customers’ most challenging problems.” Validating Raytheon’s recognized leadership in technology and innovation, Russell also noted Raytheon BBN’s recent National Medal of Technology and Innovation Award for making lasting contributions to America’s competitiveness.

After dinner, Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson thanked and congratulated the award recipients, “For your tremendous efforts on behalf of our customers and our company. It’s an honor to recognize and celebrate your exceptional achievements in engineering and technology.”

Retired Marine Corps General John R. Dailey, director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, hosted the event. Dailey has been instrumental in expanding the size and scope of the museum to increase public outreach.

Seventeen awards, listed below, were presented: 12 team awards, including one “One Company” award and one Information Technology team award; and five individual awards.

2012 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Award Winners


Launch During Boost Ballistic Missile Defense Engagement Concept Team

Arle Beckwith, Elanor Grey, John Krasnakevich, Edward Lesnansky, Daniel Savage, Anthony Sommese and Stephen Thelin


Individual Award

Edward Seghezzi

Surveillance Radar Program Integration and Test Team

Thomas Duginski, Jorge Hiraldo, Charles Howe, Stephen Sparagna and Zubair Zerif

Outstanding Engineering and Technical Execution on JLENS/Patriot IFC

Theresa Avino-Manning, Richard Erausquin, Steven Faulise, Michael Juliano and Benjamin Travisano

Al Diriyah Program Team

David Anderson, Kenneth Gillette, Jennifer Lewis, Sander Markel and Mason Nakamura


Individual Award

Alan Dieringer

AWIPS II Development and Fielding Team

Frank Griffith, Kevin Johnson, Scott Risch, Brad Scalio and Lee Venable

Air Soldier Team

Joe Deno, Dustin Houck, Mike Huff, Chris McMahon and Jim Negro


Individual Award

Kim Christianson

Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurement Facility Design and Development Team

Justin Dobbins, Michael Gallman, Jonathan Lawrence, Dale Oldham and Charles Weesner

Persistent Close Air Support Integrated Demonstration Team

Carl George, AJ Kochevar, Mike Murry, Jeffery Saunders and Joe Uidenich


Individual Award

John Bedinger

Individual Award

David Hendry

Family of Advanced Beyond Line of Sight Terminal Alternate Proposal Demonstration Team

John Denorscia, Matthew Gates, Michael Kuchera, Paul Marinilli and Jeff Turgeon

Kestrel Receiver Design Team

Carl Enarson, Tatsuya Kawase, Christopher Moye, Rick Nicklaus and Harold Pratt

Bladerunner™ Team

Tom Armstrong, Scott Hansen, Randy Koch, Nicole Roberts and Jeffrey Slack


IISNEXT — Affordable Integrated Development Environments Architecture Team

Kara Conn, Michael Hays, Bob Peterson, Steve Porter and Andrew Steele



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