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2012 Issue 2

2011 Raytheon Six Sigma™ President's and CEO Awards

2011 Raytheon Six Sigma™ President's and CEO Awards

On June 19, more than 150 Raytheon leaders, awardees, Raytheon Six Sigma Experts, customers, partners and suppliers gathered to honor the achievements of Raytheon Six Sigma teams across the enterprise for delivering substantial and measurable results for Raytheon's businesses and customers.

The recognition event took place at the Westin Waltham Boston where two types of awards were bestowed: the Raytheon Six Sigma President's Award for overall excellence to the top projects within a business and the Raytheon Six Sigma CEO Award for projects personally selected as best-in-class by Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson. Fourteen teams were recognized for the Raytheon Six Sigma President's Award and seven of those were honored with the prestigious Raytheon Six Sigma CEO Award. The selection criteria included project value to the customer, measurable business results and potential for future application across the enterprise.

2011 Raytheon Six Sigma Award Winners

Corporate Raytheon International Enterprise Support Service Team - CEO Award

Paul Clemente, James Cronin, Jack Prior, Rae Rottman, Bob Shanks

Corporate New Investment Manager Onboarding Process Team

Erica Abbruzzese, Paul Clemente, Steven Linkovich, Lisa Menelly, Paula Sasso

IDS ALFS Single Fleet Driven Metric R6σ Blitz Team - CEO Award

Matt Holbrook, Jim Hopkins, Wally Massenburg, Joe Monti, Kathy Pilotte, Cmdr. Nick Rapley (U.S. Navy), Cmdr. Matt Wells (U.S. Navy)

IDS DDG 1000 Program Software Affordability Team

Daniel Booth, Phil Cole, Richard Dumas, Adrienne Wojtaszek, Tommy Wong

IIS Using Critical Chain to Reduce Risk and Increase Customer Confidence Team

Jim Lillwitz, Ken McConnell, Tami Nichelson, Glenn Reker, Rob Vecchiarell

IIS Streamlining Proprietary Customer Process Directives Team - CEO Award

Brian Bevan, Terry Godwin, Tim Reichart, Carol Veltri, Kevin Wagner

MS The Amazing Schedule RAACCE Team

Sobia Amin, Barbara Harrison, Trish Mosher, Kevin Oxnam, Elle Warner

MS Standard Missile 6 Seeker Antenna Defect Elimination Team - CEO Award

Ryan Cutshall, Robert Greene, Brandon King, Tyler Vogt, Matthew Wargo

NCS Long Range Radar System and Transistor Improvements Team - CEO Award

Paul Ackroyd, Jim Arena, Jack Campbell, Otilia Vandici, Joseph Wilde, Mark Carmouche (FAA), Charlie Leader (Microsemi Corp.)

NCS Navy Multiband Terminal Execution Improvement Team

Jim Ellis, Jim McGrath, John Shea, Tom Stump, Tim Vinciullo

RTSC The Power of Cross-Business Collaboration: Commericalization of NASA's Neutral Buoyancy Lab Team

Tracy Cox, Cindy Hendershot, Kathy Jones, Kristi Kyhl, Johnny White, Trey Hall (Rothe), Angie Prince (NASA), Dan Sedej (NASA), Susan Sinclair (NASA)

RTSC Philips Healthcare Learning Solutions Raytheon Professional Services Team - CEO Award

Jeanine Crane-Thompson, Susanne Frank, Russ O'Brien, Bill Russell, Bernie Saboe, JoAnne Bolas (Philips Healthcare), Theresa Dolbert (Philips Healthcare)

SAS AN/APY-10 Multi-Mode Array India Critical Chain Team - CEO Award

Richard Doty, Robert Feifarek, Vijay Sardeshpande, John Ward, Dianne White

SAS F-15 Receiver Rework Reduction Team

William "Mack" Garner, David Hotaling, Tim Jumper, Denise Meredith, Ken Robinson

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