Technology Today

2012 Issue 2

A Message From Mark E. Russell

Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance

Mark Russell

Raytheon provides systems and solutions to more than 80 nations around the world, and our international presence is growing. We maintain offices in 19 countries and have established global companies to serve customers in the United Kingdom, Australia, Spain, France, Germany and Canada.

In this issue of Technology Today, we highlight the global reach of Raytheon's technologies, systems and services, and the strength of our international relationships.

The applications of our technologies are both global and diverse, addressing areas such as defense; maritime and border security; sensing and surveillance; air traffic management; mission support; and command, control, communications, computers and intelligence. The featured articles illustrate the breadth and impact of Raytheon's international development and highlight some of our close partnerships.

In our Leaders Corner, Tom Culligan, Raytheon's senior vice president of Business Development and CEO of Raytheon International, provides his perspective on the role that technology plays in the future for Raytheon's international business. Also, John Harris, president of Raytheon Technical Services Company, discusses how our international logistics, support and training technologies provide mission-critical solutions for our international customers.

Our Eye on Technology section includes articles from our technology networks about ongoing materials, manufacturing and computing technology developments, followed by a summary of our Raytheon Six Sigma™ program, including perspectives from two of our Raytheon Six Sigma Experts. We close with our Events section, which presents the 2011 Raytheon Six Sigma and Excellence in Operations and Quality award winners.

Best Regards,


Mark E. Russell


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