Technology Today

2012 Issue 2

Eye on Technology

Monitoring and Managing Cybersecurity Events in Complex Systems:
A Multidimensional Approach

The increasing frequency, rising costs, and growing sophistication of cybersecurity (CS) attacks on Department of Defense (DoD), agency and commercial enterprise systems are dramatically reducing the quality of end-user services and compromising mission effectiveness.

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Mission Challenges Spur Next Generation Missile Radome Materials Innovations

Despite their seemingly simple shapes, radomes are complex components that have competing design requirements. The radome forms a part of the aerodynamic structure of the missile, and must be able to support the aerodynamic and structural loads placed upon it. A radome must protect the sensitive guidance and electronic components from the captive carry or flight environment (e.g., sand, rain, hail), while resisting high flight temperatures.


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Elemental Zinc Sulfide (eZnS®) Provides a Clear View for Missile Systems' Tri-mode Seekers

Raytheon's recently revived elemental zinc sulfide manufacturing capability can potentially benefit many current infrared (IR) imaging systems and, with further process improvements, ensure high quality and low cost dome solutions for Raytheon's advanced missile systems that use tri-mode seeker technology.


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