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2012 Issue 2

2011 Raytheon Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards

2011 Raytheon Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards 2011 Raytheon Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards

Celebrating our newest winners across the enterprise

Raytheon's Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards recognize those who demonstrate the pursuit of excellence, dedicated leadership and a commitment to customers by providing the best solutions. In all, 20 teams were honored at the Westin Waltham Boston on June 18, 2012.

Mark E. Russell, vice president of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance, acknowledged 89 award recipients for their achievements. Each recipient contributes to Raytheon's business by improving processes, reinforcing the Operations and Performance Excellence culture, and achieving customer satisfaction.

"Our focus on excellence in all that we do is reflected in our continued success and recognition by our customers," said Russell, as he noted several recent examples of program wins and positive reviews across the enterprise. "Tonight's winners have demonstrated leadership by addressing the challenges and supporting Raytheon's mission for customer success."

All Raytheon businesses were represented. Of the winning teams, six were recognized for Accelerating Knowledge Transfer – projects that leverage knowledge and lessons learned across the enterprise; and one was recognized for Energy Conservation – projects that result in energy conservation within a business or across the enterprise.

The EiOQ award winners were joined by members of the ET&MA leadership team and the business vice presidents for Operations and Mission Assurance. Raytheon congratulates all winners of the 2011 Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards.


2011 Raytheon Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards

2011 Raytheon Excellence in Operations and Quality Award Winners


Safety Cultural Transformation Team

Thomas Caty, Catherine Donahue, Tonjia Harris, Anny Sanchez, Yves Viaud

Instilled a culture of safety at a grass roots level throughout the Integrated Air Defense Center — a very large manufacturing facility.

Strategic Talent Resource Realignment Team

John Cogliandro, Tom Criscione, Michael Houston, Patricia Quinn, Kim Simon

Improved competitiveness and affordability by mapping IDS' real estate portfolio to business needs with a focus on people and core capabilities.

RTN/DCMA Surveillance Approach For Product Acceptance Team

Steve Bisson, David Cook, Fred Lombardi, David Magee, Anny Sanchez

Ensured alignment with the DCMA's surveillance plan to support on-time product acceptance, achieving a 77 percent cycle time improvement in the Product Acceptance process.

Smartview — Smart Sampling Team

Timothy Delaney, Cheryl Drake, William Jones, Sean Seymour, Simon Yeo

Achieved enhanced inspection efficiency through sampling plans automatically adjusted using statistical methods based on historical performance of parts quality.


Sustainability Team

James Fraser, Kelly Lei, Brian Moore, Debora Shows, Karen Tempkin

In partnership with the Enterprise Green Information Technology team, reduced energy costs by $770,000, greenhouse gases by seven percent, and water consumption by 14 percent (a savings of $65,000).

Algorithm Development Library Team

Kevin Bisanz, Kelly Boswell, Bryan Henderson, Brian Hurley, Tim Jensen

Improved the ADL tool for ease of conversions, which ultimately led to significant NASA savings of more than $5 million.

NPOESS Preparatory Project Launch Team

Michael Andrews, Wil Asuncion, Dan Linebarger, Tina Lombard

Overcame significant challenges to maintain the schedule to launch without delays and received high praise for their program achievements.


Principles of Excellence Team

Jack Deasey, Patricia Ernst, Julie Goswick, Steven Kitterman, Diana Stock

Applied an overarching approach to drive innovation, process improvement and cost reduction into the fiber of Missile Systems' Operations culture.

Electro-Optical Fusion Team

Dennis Barents, James Edwards, Deanna Jenia, Chad Spalt, Adrian Verduzco

Implemented a cross-functional EO product manufacturing system, resulting in the delivery of high quality solutions with an affordable cost model.

Energetics Campaign Team

Lisa Block, Ronald Orr, Steven Steuer, Kirk Stuessel, Kristy Tanner

Institutionalized a businesswide culture change for handling all dangerous goods, helping to assure that Missile Systems continues to maintain their standing as a world-class provider of energetics.


Evolved Seasparrow Transition To RPM Team

Thomas Boyle, Gary Fugate, Lindsey Shaw, Toni Terhune, Jeffery Tietjen

Transitioned antenna assembly manufacturing to Raytheon Precision Manufacturing to consolidate the value stream, thereby shortening cycle times and reducing costs. This resulted in a 35 percent recurring cost reduction, 100 percent on time delivery and zero line returns.

Wafer Fabrication Cycle Time Reduction Team

Rico Casillas, Betty Castillo, Allen Paneral, Chris Tacelli

Achieved a reduction in cycle times for detector wafer fabrication from 20 weeks to six weeks or less.

Raytheon UK Glenrothes Manufacturing Defect Reduction Team

Margaret Beveridge, Alex Fleming, John Murphy, Alexander Purves

Improved its quality approach and won the praise of the British Ministry of Defense and other customers for reducing variability, improving yields and reducing costs.


Counter Improvised Explosive Device Program Team — CIEDS Indianapolis

Barry Ingram, Charles Kern, Danny Miller, Diana Padgett, Angela Upton

Met an aggressive nine-month delivery schedule for 250 units with a 16 percent reduction in labor hours and a cost savings of nearly $1 million. In the field, the CIED system achieved 100 percent success and was named by the U.S. Army as one of 2011's most innovative advances.

U.S. Marine Corps Secondary Repairable Logistics Integration Support Program

Charles Bushnell, Kevin Keele, Gregg Spence

Significantly reduced SecRep inventory and improved on-time delivery and reliability for the USMC SecRep Logistics Integration Support Program.

SS-25 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Systems Elimination Project

Maria Berezina, Nikolay Dulesov, Mikhail Fyodorov, Fyodor Lapin, David Scheetz

Effectively employed Raytheon Six Sigma™ tools in response to cost and schedule impacts caused by program uncertainties.


Advanced Product Center Manufacturing Systems Support Team

Roby Martin, Jason Samuels, Christopher Smith, Brett Stinson, Subi Thayamkery

Created and executed a manufacturing system that has been adopted by several manufacturing processes across Raytheon, and was designated by Industry Week as an "industry best practice."

Sentinel Finland Lean Team SAS/NCS

Felino Bautista, Vicki Harris, Rodney Hillman, Mac Mcilwain, Stephenton Shoto

Used Lean manufacturing principles to revamp the manufacturing and procurement phases of the program, achieving 100 percent on-time delivery and $720,000 in waste reduction.

F-15SA LANTIRN Production Cold Start

Kent Jacobson

Successfully led a cold production restart as the quality engineering manager of the F-15SA LANTIRN Terrain Following Radar Program.

Joint Strike Fighter Program Quality Team

William Gallagher, Jr., Andrew McGill, Raymond Plummer

Prepared and implemented a tool for successfully identifying and controlling escaped workmanship defects, improving program output yields without defect escapes throughout 2011.


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