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2012 Issue 1

MMSTN Symposium

MMSTN Symposium

More than 350 engineers, technologists, customers and suppliers from across the country gathered near Los Angeles in October 2011 for the 14th Mechanical, Materials and Structures Technology Network (MMSTN) Symposium. The event provided an opportunity for Raytheon employees to come together to share their expertise and learn about engineering challenges and breakthroughs from all businesses within Raytheon. This annual forum encourages collaboration across the enterprise.

Papers and posters by Raytheon authors on core subject areas of materials, design, analysis and manufacturing were presented over three days and interspersed with interactive workshops on themes such as counterfeit avoidance and military energy needs. University professors talked about current research on battery technology and low-observable materials, and business leaders and customers shared messages about strategic thinking, business transformation and Mission Assurance.

In addition to supporting excellence in core design disciplines, the MMSTN also plays a critical role in advancing Raytheon’s position in the rapidly evolving materials and structures technology areas. Focus areas of advanced electromagnetic materials; rapid development, prototyping, and manufacturing; novel power systems; and next generation electronic packaging are the themes around which many of the network’s workshops and special projects were organized. Experts from the network lead Raytheon’s research and development in these areas.











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