Technology Today

2012 Issue 1

A Message From Mark E. Russell

Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance

Mark Russell

Materials advances have created new industries and have redefined how we live. Demand is constant for new materials that deliver greater performance, improved cost effectiveness, superior reliability and better safety, while having minimal environmental impact.

Raytheon has a long history of materials discovery and innovation. We recognize that the proper choices and applications of materials technology are vital to the quality and performance of our products.

This issue of Technology Today features articles that discuss the engineering of materials from atomic building blocks, the development of composite structures that exhibit unique materials properties, the engineering of materials that imitate characteristics observed in nature and the application of new materials to meet the demands for higher performance and new capabilities. Articles on materials restrictions and counterfeit parts underscore the importance of sustainability
and reliability.

In our Leaders Corner, Jim Wade, vice president of Mission Assurance, builds upon this issue’s theme by focusing on the disciplines that ensure quality, reliability and dependability in the materials we use and processes we follow in the production and deployment of our products and systems. In addition, he shares his Mission Assurance vision and his views on leadership, Raytheon Six Sigma™ and Mission Assurance competencies and careers.

Materials advances cannot be realized without accompanying innovations in manufacturing. Among the articles in our Eye on Technology section, we introduce our Manufacturing Technology Network, a companywide association of experts enabling the rapid transition of advanced material technologies from the laboratory into our products.

We complete this issue with a summary of recent events including Raytheon’s prestigious Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards, a focus on our graduates of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Leaders for Global Operations program, and a discussion of PRISM — our enterprise manufacturing process.

Best Regards,


Mark E. Russell

On the cover: Metamaterials enable tunable antenna and radome capabilities. Raytheon Engineer, Dr.Jacquelyn Vitaz, inspects a tunable metamaterial sample.

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