Technology Today

2012 Issue 1

The Manufacturing Technology Network (MTN)

The Manufacturing Technology Network (MTN)

The Manufacturing Technology Network (MTN) was recently created to promote the development, optimization and proliferation of Raytheon manufacturing technologies and to facilitate communication between all disciplines that support manufacturing across Raytheon.

The MTN works in conjunction with the other five engineering technology networks to focus and enhance the sharing of internal and external manufacturing technology best practices across Raytheon, to improve alignment with cross-functional teammates and to raise the level of manufacturing presence within the technical community.

The MTN supports Raytheon technology strategies by:

1) Developing enterprise manufacturing technology strategies that are competitive discriminators and position Raytheon for growth.

2) Providing input to Raytheon’s technology planning process and exploring, advocating and promoting promising technologies, thus strengthening Raytheon’s competitive position.

3) Connecting Operations with Engineering, our customers and industry to develop integrated technology road maps and plans for the maturation and application of sustaining and disruptive technologies.

One example of an MTN focus area is to expand the use of model based systems engineering, including traditional physics-based modeling simulations, early in the manufacturing process. This enhances Raytheon’s ability to provide more predictable manufacturing performance — and reduce cycle time and cost — by better integrating product and manufacturing critical performance parameters.


Chad Spalt

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