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2011 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards

2011 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards 2011 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards

Ninety-five Raytheon engineers and technologists were recognized for their outstanding contributions to innovation at a prestigious awards ceremony at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., in March 2012.

Raytheon’s 2011 Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards represent Raytheon’s highest technical honor, recognizing individuals and teams whose innovations, processes or products significantly impact the company’s success and the success of its customers.

The dinner event took place in the museum’s Milestones of Flight Gallery. Twenty-two awards were presented: 15 team awards; two “One Company” awards, representing multiple businesses; one Information Technology team award; and four awards to individuals.

Retired Marine Corps General John R. Dailey, director of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, opened the event and observed with pride that the awards program has been held at the museum for many years.

In his opening remarks, Mark E. Russell, Raytheon vice president of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance, compared Raytheon’s accomplished innovators of today to Michelangelo, the great innovator of the Renaissance period, who, often against significant odds, created enduring masterpieces. “You should be proud to know that you represent a select group of Raytheon’s exceptional engineers and technologists. You have demonstrated your drive to overcome constraints and excel for the success of Raytheon and for our customer.”

After dinner, Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson thanked and congratulated the award recipients for their achievements by noting: “In our fast-paced world, we tend to forget how amazing our work is. But take some time to marvel at what you have achieved, and truly appreciate all that you have accomplished for our company and our customers.”

Swanson was joined onstage by Russell and business leaders as the winning projects were described and the winners received their awards and were personally congratulated.

Raytheon congratulates all winners of the 2011 Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards.



2011 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Award Winners


Redclaw Secure Processing Team

Michael Coleman (MS), Richard McCord (MS), Bryan Cotta (SAS), Mark Gardner (MS), Mark Henshaw (MS), David Manz (SAS), Wayland Seto (SAS)

For increasing yields more than 15x to meet multiple program schedules across multiple product lines’ production requirements.

Sensing Enterprise Campaign Systems Engineering, Integration and Test (SEI&T) Team

Boris Abramov (NCS), John Altman (TS), Shane Blair (IDS), Michael Fallica (IDS), Essex Fowlks V (IDS), Mark Petschek (IDS), Lawrence Stolz (IDS)

For integrating and testing new technologies that will reduce cost by five to 10x.


Individual Award

Paul Lanzkron

For providing both the leadership and technical decision making necessary to recover the fire control radar schedule, leading a 24-7 technical effort to isolate and correct fire control radar problems.

AN/TPY-2 Flight Test Team

Dave Cushing, Brian Harkins, Henry Ng, Rick Smith, Bud Thayer

For successfully supporting all Mission Readiness Reviews for flawless execution on FTT-12 and providing subject matter expertise to the Missile Defense Agency.

Digital Beamforming and Signal Processing (DBF/SP) Using Affordable Radar Backend (ARBE) Team

Sandra Clifford, Russell Dube, Delvis Gomez, Sean Price, Prescott Turner

For developing a solution that reduced digital beamforming and signal processing costs.

UAE Patriot GEM-T GL Flight Mission Team

Joel Harris, John Mara, Neil Mushaweh, Gary Sannicandro, Steve Wakefield

For producing a new, highly complex GEM-T missile in less than 30 months, which flawlessly performed in front of the customer during the live shot.


Individual Award

Darrell Young

For developing an automated metric capable of producing human-like image interpretability ratings, Video National Imagery Interpretability Scale (VNIIRS).

Law Enforcement National Data Exchange (N-DEx) Team

Indrani Dey, Willard Gray, Erich Reiter, Dana Shum, Chan Yee

For working together with the FBI’s Criminal Justice Information Services division to establish a first of its kind secure platform for national criminal justice information sharing.

Raytheon Information Overlay Technology Content Management Framework (RIOT/CMF) Team

Patrick Mao, Ruben Quintero, Brian Urch

For an innovative software framework for integrating analytics with heterogeneous distributed data sources.


AMRAAM EPIP Target Acquisition Team

Kurt Koenig, John Mincer, Daniel Mosier, James Prudhomme, Vincent Soto

For providing the U.S. warfighter with enhanced capability against advanced threats (a classified software upgrade program).

Quiet Eyes Laser Turret Assembly (QELTA) Development Team

Charles Bersbach, Paul Chinnock, Jim Hicks, Don Hunt, Nick Trail

For providing the customer with the first-ever quantum cascade laser-based IR countermeasure system for near-operational performance testing, in only eight months.

SM-3 Block IB System Integration Test Team

Michelle East, Nino Garcia, Chris McManus, Ryan Rasmussen, Ken Schmidt

For developing an entirely new kinetic warhead (KW) based on new throttle rocket motor technology for divert attitude control.


Individual Award

Jagannath Chirravuri

For leveraging Raytheon’s civil communications expertise for a growing number of police departments, fire departments and civil communities.

Communications Electronic Attack with Surveillance and Reconnaissance (CEASAR) Team

Tom Broski , Garry Ingram, Jeff Jackson, Mark Phipps, John Smith

For developing the CEASAR system for the Army Rapid Equipping Force working with Naval Surface Warfare Center-Crane.

Information in a Photon (INPHO) Team

Jian Chen, Zachary Dutton, Saikat Guha , Jonathan Habif, Richard Lazarus

For implementing a new optical communications receiver capable of beating the standard quantum limit.

Low Cost Thermal Imager — Manufacturing (ICTI-M) Team

Stephen Black, Adam Kennedy, Thomas Kocian, Matthew Kuiken, Richard Wyles

For developing a revolutionary imaging solution whose size was reduced by 50x, weight by 15x, power by 3x and, most importantly, unit cost by 17x, resulting in a significantly decreased camera size that will be integrated into a smart phone.

Signal Chain Demonstration (SCD) Team

Raymond Boe (NCS), Stephen Herbst (SAS), Bruce Lewis (NCS), Philip Mayner (NCS), Paul Storaasli (SAS)

For defineing NuVision milestones while meeting all customer objectives in 19 months — two months ahead of schedule.


Individual Award

Robert Byren

For his 36 years at Raytheon — he has developed a highly diverse background in solid-state lasers, passive imaging and focal plane arrays, sensor architecture and line-of-sight control, EO/IR high energy lasers and beam control technologies.

LSC-79 Shipboard Active Electronic Scan Array (AESA) Radar Team

Kevin Bell, Claudio Howard, Nader Khatib, Hong Kwong, Richard Ritch

For demonstrating modified radar modes for the APG-79 to show its potential to transition an airborne radar to a maritime surface radar application.

Submerged Ram Air Turbine Speed Control Team

Pablo Cabrera, Matthew Hughes, Scott Johnson, Brendan Robinson, John Yook

For conceiving and implementing a power generation/control system that exceeded the required maneuver envelope, positioning Raytheon to capture the next generation jammer market.


Integrated Fire Control System — Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Team

Uldis Duselis, Clark Griffin, Justin Ray, Anthony Welch

For designing and developing a prototype fire control system for the KSA M60A3 main battle tank, successfully replacing the existing 105mm cannon with a new 120mm gun in less than six months.


SureView — Active Malware Protection (AMP) Team

Joseph Bell (Corp IT), Jimmie Daily (Corp IT), Paul Escobedo (Corp IT), Morgan Greenwood (Oakley Systems), Earl Kellner (Corp IT)

For leveraging the SureView endpoint protection product for detecting outside threats to include the advanced persistent threat and thus expanding the marketability of an existing Raytheon product.

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