Technology Today

2011 Issue 2

Eye on Technology

Cognitive Computing Advances Help Computers Work More Like the Human Brain, Improve Information Gathering

Raytheon's recent advances in cognitive computing (software/hardware that mimics human mental processes of perception, memory, intelligence and consciousness) have shown that computers have the potential to do as well as humans at assimilating and analyzing information.

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Decentralized Cooperative Control for Autonomous UAVs:

Mission Assurance for Less

While the need for more complex and sophisticated unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) missions is increasing, the number of skilled operators is decreasing. This has produced a strong push in recent years to reduce the operator workload. One promising solution is to integrate autonomous systems into military missions.


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The Man in the Mirror™ System

Uses Behavioral Analytics to Actively Defend Against Cyber Attacks

Existing cyber defense methods, including manual analysis, firewalls and anti-virus products, are reactive by design and must wait for attacks to occur before they can try to respond. Our adversary, the advanced persistent threat (APT),1 actively leverages numerous tools, from covert information gathering agents to cyber attack platforms, against these defenses.


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