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2011 Issue 2

2010 Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards

2010 Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards 2010 Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards

The Boston Harbor Hotel at historic Rowes Wharf, overlooking Boston's sunlit harbor, served as a dramatic setting for the 2010 Excellence in Operations and Quality (EiOQ) Awards event on May 20.

One of Raytheon's highest honors, the EiOQ awards recognize those who demonstrate the pursuit of excellence, dedicated leadership and a commitment to customers by providing the best solutions.

All six businesses were represented. Of the 19 teams, nine were recognized for Accelerating Knowledge Transfer — leveraging knowledge and lessons learned across the enterprise; and two teams were recognized for Energy Conservation.

Mark E. Russell, Raytheon vice president of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance, acknowledged 94 award recipients for their achievements. Each recipient contributed to Raytheon's growth by improving processes, reinforcing the Operations and Performance Excellence culture and, ultimately, ensuring customer satisfaction.

"Tonight's honorees have demonstrated leadership by solving the tough problems," said Russell. "They have persisted and addressed the challenges, supporting Raytheon's mission to ensure customer success."

The winning teams were joined by their guests, members of the Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance leadership team, and the business vice presidents for Operations and Mission Assurance.

We recognize this year's awardees for achieving this honor. Thank you for your outstanding contributions.

2010 Excellence in Operations and Quality Awards


Raytheon Lessons Learned Solution (RLLS) Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

Mary Carrell (SAS), Steven Clark (IDS), Alan Exley (IDS), Joshua Medor (IDS), Ann Morrison (MS)

Created the RLLS — a single, enterprisewide lessons learned system that enables employees and functions in all businesses to share lessons.


Industry Week's Best Plant Award Application Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

Elizabeth Bowers, Todd Fournier, David Macary, Joseph Shepard, Felicia Thomas

The Integrated Air Defense Center was selected as one of only ten facilities to receive "Industry Week's" Best Plant Award for 2010.

Supplier Transparency Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

Torrey Cady, Frank Francione Jr., Michelle Hudson, Rosemary McGovern, Mark Salmonsen

Connected customers, employees and supplier partners to improve operational excellence across the supplier base resulting in a 42 percent reduction in red rated suppliers, from 28 to 16.


Dulles Transition Team
Energy Conservation Award

Brian Burns, Carlos Hall, Margaret Mayhugh, Robert O'Connor, John Steele

Successfully executed the consolidation of IIS facilities from Falls Church, Reston, and Herndon, Va., into one new campus in Dulles, Va.

Global Hawk Platinum Team

James Bowyer, Dennis Cunningham, Michael Logan, Robert Poole, Charles Swanick

Achieved a defect escape rate of less than one-half percent for eight consecutive quarters enabling Raytheon Falls Church to be recognized by their customer as a Platinum Level supplier.

Predictive Execution Improvement Team

James Kiley, Margie Leopold, Melvin Otts Jr., Peter Petohazy, Mark Turner

Deployed advanced predictive tools which significantly improved program performance and secured customer confidence.


Factory Modernization Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

Karol Ginorio, Hirath Ghori, Michael O'Haver, Gregory Sprenger, Hillary Ullrich

Improved factory efficiency and affordability to help Raytheon compete to satisfy customers with high-value products while reducing costs.

Joint Standoff Weapon (JSOW) Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

Helen Do, Kris Gregory, Casey Jacobs, Robert Steffen, Lindsey Weber

Resolved the issue when a JSOW program supplier of a highly complex machined structure encountered financial instability.

Mission Assurance University Team

Heather Ann Adams, Carl Herring III, Kathleen Sheehan, Sandra Sprague, Catherine Wdowiak

Created an innovative learning program which enables employees to better perform their work by taking them through scenarios and simulations on a phantom program from Gates 1 through 10.


Lean High Rate Soldier Weapon and Sensor Systems Factory Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

Jeff Jarvis, Tu Nguyen, Scott Martin, James Dortch, Stephen Mills

Designed and built a benchmark Lean manufacturing facility for high-volume electromechanical assembly.

Semiconductor High Temperature Silicon Carbide (HiTSiC) Team
Energy Conservation Award

Robin Thompson, Jennifer Cormack, David Clark, Ewan Ramsay

Created an advanced silicon carbide manufacturing technology that enabled the world's first 400°C complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistors and 300°C CMOS integrated circuits.

Thermal Weapon Sight II Bridge Factory Statistical Process Control Team

Dawn Marrocco, Danny Singleton, Katherine Sisk, Lindsey Waddell, Melvin Willingham

Designed and implemented a factory-wide SPC program in one month, enabling prompt resumption of shipments and improving first pass yield by 40 percent.


Customized Engineering and Depot Support Manufacturing and Depot Operations Chaff Pod Lean/Continuous Flow Project Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

Andrew Braden, Beth Dugan, Joella Hedge, Everett Padgett, Curtis White

Development of an improved chaff dispensing system to reduce loss of U.S. Armed Forces' lives.

Transportation Security Administration Security Equipment Integration Services Task Order 2 Team

Dean Fish, Michael Gillman, Seamus McCormick, Rebeca Newell, Gary Treff

Deployed 330 Advanced Imaging Technology units at 54 airports nationwide within nine months, providing a remarkable enhancement to airport security for millions of passengers every day.

CMMI® for Services Team

Veronica Brenner, Michael Hilton, Jeffrey Kennedy, David Lytell, Theodore Saari

Led an initiative to achieve a CMMI for Services Level 3 rating.

Nuclear Weapons Storage Security Team

Chris Coghill, Anna Isaeva, Elena Konovalova, Natalia Kosova, James Luscher

Achieved greater than 98 percent award fees on a very complex, international, nuclear weapons safety and security sustainment program.


Forest Kaizen Culture Team

Angela Blackburn, Todd Clapp, Jerry Keith, Lesia Toney, Adrienne Willis

A strategic initiative at Forest Consolidated Manufacturing Center was established to accelerate the site's continuous improvement culture.

Advanced Products Center Texas Award for Performance Excellence
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

David Elliott, Amy Foster, Alison Howlett, Gary Hurst, Ronald Pisarik

Led a four-year, cross-functional initiative to identify performance gaps, drive improvements and demonstrate best-in-industry performance, culminating in the receipt of the Texas Award for Performance Excellence in 2010.

E-2D LRIP Product Yield and Customer Satisfaction Team
Accelerating Knowledge Transfer Award

James Alford, Desmond Perryman, Lenora Rollenhagen, Gina Walters, Ernest Young

Led a step function improvement initiative for LRIP I/II (low rate initial production) resulting in more than $1.5 million in program savings and improved customer satisfaction.

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