Technology Today

2011 Issue 1

A Message From Mark E. Russell

Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance

Mark Russell

Just as minimizing energy use and cost-effectively meeting energy needs are top-of-mind for all of us at Raytheon, so too are these major concerns for Raytheon's defense and national security customers. Collectively we face the growing challenges related to energy and fossil fuel usage. Raytheon, known for technological innovation, is focused on helping to better meet these energy needs and create solutions that support our customers' missions.

This Energy issue of Technology Today focuses on Raytheon's innovative approaches to satisfying the energy needs of its systems and its customers by leveraging and adapting advanced energy technologies. Assuring reliable energy sources, adjusting to unpredictable fuel pricing, and responding to mission needs are important variables in designing defense systems.

Raytheon is at the forefront of providing the domain knowledge, technologies and solutions to meet energy challenges. We incorporate alternative energy sources such as solar, fuel cells and advanced batteries in our power management solutions. We are investigating power cells and storage technologies ranging from a few milliwatts to many megawatts. We understand what it means to efficiently manage and conserve energy in domains spanning air, land, sea, space and cyberspace.

In this issue's Leaders Corner, Tom Kennedy, president of Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, discusses his vision for IDS and how he plans to meet the challenges that lie ahead — from changes in the external business environment to leveraging deep technical talent to addressing the energy needs of today.

In the Meet a New Raytheon Leader section, we introduce Luis Izquierdo, vice president, corporate Operations. Luis is responsible for developing and executing Raytheon's enterprise operations vision and strategy. He leads strategic initiatives for manufacturing and manufacturing business systems, and co-leads corporate initiatives related to energy and environmental sustainability and real estate utilization. Luis discusses how we are making an impact on energy efficiency by reducing Raytheon's load demand. Raytheon has achieved the ENERGY STAR® Sustained Excellence Award from the U.S. Dept. of Energy for several years.

Best Regards,


Mark E. Russell

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