Technology Today

2011 Issue 1

Eye on Technology

Mechanical, Materials and Structures

Simplify, Simplify!

Advanced Vehicle Airframe Innovations Cut Missile Cost and Schedule

As threats increase in number and sophistication, Raytheon's missiles must also evolve to meet increasingly demanding requirements, and must do so cost effectively. The missile airframe, a major factor in performance and production cost, has benefited from a new Raytheon development approach.

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Mission Systems Integration

Dynamic Ontology Creation Techniques Distill Actionable Knowledge from Massive Data Streams:

Weapon Smuggling Example

In today's digital world, a tsunami of information exists; information that could be potentially critical to an analyst or warfighter. Because the amount of such critical information can double weekly, evaluating this data using traditional methods will become an overwhelming challenge.


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Multifunction RF Systems

Ka-band Cooperative Target ID

for the Current Force

In a crowded, complex and quickly changing battlespace, allies must be protected and enemies defeated. To do this, Raytheon's Ka-band millimeter wave (mmW) Cooperative Target Identification (CTI) technology — an identification friend or foe (IFF)-like capability — helps the warfighter to quickly identify allies at extended range in all battlefield conditions. This reduces the risk of fratricide.


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