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2010 Issue 2

Raytheon Six Sigma Awards:
Best in Business and Best in Class

Six Sigma Awards

The achievements of Raytheon Six Sigma™ teams across the company were recognized April 26 at an awards dinner during the 2010 Mission Assurance Forum. Raytheon leaders, Raytheon Six Sigma Experts, honorees, customers and guests gathered for the event at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Two types of awards were bestowed during the dinner: the Raytheon Six Sigma President’s Award and the Raytheon Six Sigma CEO Award. Both, among the company’s highest honors, recognize projects that have delivered substantial and measurable results and impact for Raytheon’s businesses, customers and suppliers.

Fourteen teams were selected as recipients of the President’s Award, receiving the designation of “Best in Business.” Among these teams, six were recognized at the end of the night with the pres­tigious Raytheon Six Sigma CEO Award — for projects that Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson selected as “Best in Class” in a specific focus area. The awards-selection criteria included being proac­tive and predictive; supporting the front end of business; thinking out of the box to be innovative; working closely with Supply Chain; and being a catalyst for productivity and growth.

2009 Raytheon Six Sigma Award Winning Teams

IDS UAE Patriot Rolling Wave Improvement Team

Jacqueline Bourgeois, Charles Spengler, Alex Umansky, James Webster, Daniel Zwillinger

IDS Patriot Pure Fleet Eliminate Single Point of Failure Team CEO Award Winner: CEO's Choice

Jo-Ann Basso, Cheryl Drake, James Hackendorf, Daniel Lafratta, David Sauer

IIS Goldfinch Improvement Project Team CEO Award Winner: CEO's Choice

Scott Derflinger, Guy Dubois, Elaine Nantz, Dick Perron, Royal White

IIS Mission Analysis and MSI SE Capability Team

Karen Casey, Rita Hurst, Craig Korth, David Rhodes, Phil Sementilli

NCS P274 Workstation Host Streamlining Team

Capt. Sofiane Abadlia, James Anderson, Larry Hoffsetz, Maj. Amine Lassoued

NCSEngineering Maturing Apple Technology Team

Michael Benoit, Steven Collins, Amanda Kirchner, Robert O'Shea, Megan Tremer

NCS Common Crypto Team CEO Award Winner: CEO's Choice

Dick Arend, Larry Finger, John Legowski, Jeff Miller, Rob Norwalk

RMS EKV Organizational Effectiveness Team

Bryan Lovitt, Kevin McCombs, Roya Montakhab, David Mueller, Robert Nussmeier

RMS SM-2 Yield Improvement TeamCEO Award Winner: CEO's Choice

Matthew Axford, Michael Beylor, Lew Blum, Kent Bortz, Patricia Moshe

RTSC Southwest Asia Market Growth TeamCEO Award Winner: CEO's Choice

Angela Anthony, Eugene Beauvais, Kip Matthias, Chase Mohler, Lyle Richardson

RTSC Fuel Drum Caching in the Antarctic Team

Lisa Gacioch, Julie Grundberg, Alex Morris, David Pettengill, William Turnbull

SAS ALR-67 Extended Value Stream Capacity Improvement CEO Award Winner: CEO's Choice

Suzanne Brayton, Ian David Brough, Arthur John Fowler, Denise Meredith, John Stephens

SAS B-2 RMP SDD Right Eyes On Target Supplier Improvement Team

Julie Ahamad, Jason Bays, Charnette Humphrey, Denise Meredith, Ben Mitchell

Corporate ACES Team

Manny Barros, Jeffrey Downs, Walter Geary, Joseph Morris, Michael Sirois

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