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Raytheon Recognizes Its Newest Certified Architects

Raytheon honored 38 newly certified architects at a special recognition dinner in held in April at the Boston Harbor Hotel. The employees were recognized as Raytheon Certified Architects after completing the multiyear Raytheon Certified Architect Program (RCAP).

The RCAP program requirements include: training on architecture standards within the Raytheon Enterprise Architecture Process; external architecture certifications, leadership and communication skills; architecting practitioner experience; system life-cycle experience; and contributions to the architecture discipline. Certified architects must also pass an examination before the Raytheon Architecture Review Board.

The program was established in 2004 to ensure Raytheon develops architectures that support customer mission success, facilitate interoperability between highly complex systems and foster the expertise required for Raytheon to excel as a Mission Systems Integrator. As of April 2010, Raytheon had certified 149 architects across the company — well exceeding the program's initial goal of 100.

In February 2009, RCAP achieved accreditation from The Open Group, an international vendor- and technology-neutral consortium focused on open standards and global interoperability within and between enterprises. Raytheon is the fourth company in the world and first in the aerospace and defense industry to receive this recognition.

Raytheon 2009 Certified Architect Graduates
  • Ken Block IDS Sudbury, Mass.
  • Stephen Gaul IDS Portsmouth, R.I.
  • Steven Labitt IDS Sudbury, Mass.
  • Donald LarsonIDS Portsmouth, R.I.
  • Randy Smith IDS Huntsville, Ala.
  • Edward Taylor IDS Tewksbury, Mass.
  • Bruce Bohannan IIS Aurora, Colo.
  • Gorman Findley IIS State College, Pa.
  • Mike Forsman IIS Garland, Texas
  • John Garnett IIS State College, Pa.
  • Daniel Gleason IIS Aurora, Colo.
  • Dale Hargrave IIS Aurora, Colo.
  • Wayne O'Brien IIS Falls Church, Va.
  • Bob Peterson IT-IIS Garland, Texas
  • Gary RouteIIS Aurora, Colo.
  • Cary Sutton IIS Omaha, Neb.
  • David YounkinIIS Aurora, Colo.
  • Jim Booher NCS Fullerton, Calif.
  • Mario D'Amico NCS Marlborough, Mass.
  • Paula Moss NCSFort Wayne, Ind.
  • John Schlundt NCSFort Wayne, Ind.
  • David Bossert RMSTucson, Ariz.
  • Steven GreeneRMSTucson, Ariz.
  • Louisa Guise RMSTucson, Ariz.
  • Dennis Hart RMSTucson, Ariz.
  • Andrew Hinsdale RMSTucson, Ariz.
  • Jay SternRMSTucson, Ariz.
  • Stephen Thelin RMSTucson, Ariz.
  • Thomas BergmanRTSCIndianapolis, Ind.
  • Timothy Bretz RTSCIndianapolis, Ind.
  • Todd Patel RTSCIndianapolis, Ind.
  • Glen Davis SASGoleta, Calif.
  • Gary Lindgren SASEl Segundo, Calif.
  • Jeanette LurierSASEl Segundo, Calif.
  • Bruce MunroSASPlano, Texas
  • Kevin Sullivan SASGoleta, Calif.
  • Michelle White-HeonSASMcKinney, Texas
  • Brian WellsCorpWaltham, Mass.

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