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2009 Excellence in
Engineering and Technology Awards

The Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology (EiET) Awards took place at The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., in March. The awards are Raytheon’s highest technical honor. They recognize individuals and teams whose innovations, processes or products have or will have a substantial impact on the company’s success, and the success of Raytheon customers.

The award recipients comprised 17 team and five individual examples of excellence, hailing from every business — including four “One Company” awards and an Information Technology award. In all, 97 people were honored.
Retired Gen. John R. Dailey, director of the National Air and Space Museum, kicked off the program by welcoming the nearly 200 attendees to the museum. He also commented on the shared goals of Raytheon and the museum to inspire a new generation toward careers in sci­ence, technology, engineering and math.

In his opening remarks, Mark E. Russell, Raytheon vice president of corporate Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance, thanked and congratulated the evening’s award recipients. “You are our modern-day innovators; you add to our company’s history of innovation; and you make me proud to be a Raytheon engineer.”

After dinner, Raytheon Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson congratulated the honorees for their tremendous efforts on behalf of Raytheon and its customers. Swanson was joined on stage by Russell and business leadership as master of ceremonies Mike Doble, Raytheon director of Strategic Communications, read the award citations and called each honoree up to be personally congratulated.

Raytheon congratulates all recipients of the 2009 Excellence in Engineering and Technology Awards.

2009 Raytheon Excellence in Engineering and Technology Award Winners


Advanced Technology Program Team

John Abraham (RMS), G. C. Fisher (SAS), Kenneth Gautreau (RMS), James Jennings (SAS), Leonard (Lee) Leonard (SAS), Cesar Melendez (RMS), Daniel Urbanski (RMS),

For working across business and geographical boundaries to develop next-generation hardware and execute comprehensive integration and test plans.

Mini-RF Design Team

David Baker (RMS), Mark Brackenbury (SAS), David Canich (RMS), Larry Lai (SAS), Kwan Ying Muramoto (SAS), Richard Taylor (RMS), Allen Wang (SAS)

For leading the effort to design, build, test and deliver two space payloads within 30 months of the contract award.


Raytheon Computer Emergency Response Team (RayCERT)

Joseph Bell, Joshua Douglas, Christina Fowler, Joshua Ray, Peter Tran

For developing an innovative, industry-leading approach to minimize the risk and impact of cyberattackers on providers of national critical infrastructure.


Individual Award

Michael Borkowski

For developing revolutionary architectures leading to a family of GaN MMIC module solutions that maximize the radiated energy while minimizing the size and cost of the system.

Battlespace Command and Control Center Range Operations (BC3-RO) Integration Team

Robert Harris, Brian Keeton, Steven Lee, Boris Rasputnis, Scott Summers

For developing a solution that solidifies Raytheon Solipsys as the leading provider of range command and control (C2) solutions.

Battlespace Command and Control Center Range Operations (BC3-RO) Integration Team

Robert Harris, Brian Keeton, Steven Lee, Boris Rasputnis, Scott Summers

For developing a solution that solidifies Raytheon Solipsys as the leading provider of range command and control (C2) solutions.

Nanocomposite Optical Ceramic (NCOC) Team

Richard Gentilman, Todd Gattuso, Christopher Nordahl, Stephanie Silberstein, Brian Zelinski (RMS)

For demonstrating the first major breakthrough in mid-wave infrared (MWIR) missile dome and window materials in more than 30 years.


Individual Award

Clayton Davis

For developing and executing a means to accurately geo-locate and navigate in underground environments for long time periods using magnetic signals.

Crew Communications Team

Leonard DiBacco, Ronald Harvey, Raymond (Al) Magon, John Masiyowski, Michael McCann

For developing a multiple security level, net-centric real-time voice communication system designed to support Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions.


Individual Award

Thomas Young

For being the key technical innovator for Network Centric Systems' new software-defined radio mobile communications capability.

Close Combat Tactical Radar Product Line Design Team

John Carpenter, Thomas Leise, Patric McGuire, John Reed, David Steinbauer

For designing a product hardware, firmware and software architecture that exhibits architectural robustness in terms of scalability, testability and reusability.

DragonFire MXF-4039 Radio Team

Mark Gloudemans, Alan Ly, David Mizicko, David Mussmann, Tyler Ulinskas

For developing and implementing RAYMANET®, the technology solution that led directly to the DragonFire contract to supply radios to key customers.

Radar and Sensing Enterprise Campaign Team

Harry Birrell (NCS), Matthew Lambert (IDS), Thomas Miller (SAS), Alan Moore (NCS), John Olsen (NCS), Angelo Puzella (IDS), James Roche (IDS), Michael Sarcione (IDS)

For developing and demonstrating a set of common sensing technologies to grow Raytheon's competitive position in core radio frequency sensing markets.

RayShield™ Team

Jeff Brown (Corp.), Randy Jennings (IIS), Jesse Lee (IIS), Monty McDougal (IIS), Matthew Richard (Corp.), Michael Simms (IIS), William Sterns (IIS)

For developing an industry-leading solution that will be enormously important to Raytheon and its customers in the area of information security.


Individual Award

Don E. Wilson

For being one of Raytheon's leaders in the areas of software engineering and processing technologies.

EKV Guidance, Navigation and Control Team

Michael Barker, David Cohen, Daniel Heacock, James Lewis, Alexander Murphy

For developing an approach that fuses Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) sensors to improve the hit-to-kill capability of Missile Defense ground-based interceptors.

SM-3 Encryption Design Team

Andrew Fullerton, William Geller, Kari Lynn Hanson, Datasha Holland, Erik Larson

For completing an NSA certification within two years, allowing the Standard Missile-3 (SM-3) Block IB to meet a tight testing schedule.


ASTOR Design Authority Transition Team

John Christopher Coady, Barry Martin Lowe, Colin Tebb

For achieving U.K.-approved Design Authority status for RSL for the Airborne Stand-Off Radar system, including the Sentinel aircraft.


K3 Surveillance Effort Team

Ronald Brown, Lisa Eagleson-Roever, Douglas Jankovich, Robert Perisho, Dan Surber

For providing a comprehensive surveillance solution within six months to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).


Individual Award

Howard Nussbaum

For developing an architecture for the AN/APG-79 radar receiver/exciter (REX) subsystem and the receiver/exciter integrated development environment (RIDE).

AAS Development Team

David Fittz, Lori Hecker, Charles Livingston, Peter Mahre, William Weaver

For leading the technical concept design for a low-risk, innovative solution to the U.S. Navy's next-generation advanced airborne sensor.

ARTEMIS Responsive Space Team

Christopher Chovit, Dave Makowski, Michael Menendez, Robert Patterson, John Silny

For quickly and cost-effectively building an advanced hyperspectral imaging space payload..

Secure Scalable Processor Team

Drew Davidoff, Lisa Go, Steven Kirsch, Esther Lee, Spencer White

For developing an advanced capability in airborne processing by implementing an open, yet secure architecture while achieving high performance in a constrained volume.

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