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A Message From Mark E. Russell
Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance
Mark E. Russell (photo)

Cyberspace is clearly its own domain now, on par with the domains of air, land, sea and space, and like its counterparts, the cyberdomain can be just as risky a place.

Ensuring customer success in the cyberdomain requires a robust approach to assure trusted and resilient communications infrastructure and information. Raytheon's cyberstrategy can be summed up by three tenets. First, protect our internal systems, then embed cybersecurity into Raytheon's products and systems, and finally provide cybersecurity solutions to our customers.

To fulfill our strategy, Raytheon uses an integrated and disciplined process to leverage all sources of capabilities and technology. These include program funding, contracted research and development, internal research and development, and enterprise campaigns, as well as partnerships, alliances, mergers and acquisitions.

This cyberdomain issue of "Technology Today" looks at the range of Raytheon's cybercapabilities, including the company's recent acquisitions designed to integrate new skills and expertise to help solve these challenging problems. Articles look at our information assurance and information operations technologies, and spotlight Raytheon's research partnerships with universities, research centers and small businesses.

In this issue's Leaders Corner column, we hear from Raytheon Intelligence and Information Systems President Lynn Dugle about driving growth and the opportunities in the cybersecurity market. Complementing Lynn's interview are remarks by Raytheon leaders Rebecca Rhoads and Randy Fort. Rebecca is Raytheon's chief information officer and provides insight on securing our internal systems. Randy, Raytheon's director of Programs Security, gives the customer's perspective on cybersecurity by reflecting on his recent experience as U.S. assistant secretary of state for Intelligence and Research.

Best Regards,

Mark E. Russell