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Jon Goding (photo) Jon Goding
Principal Engineering Fellow, Network Centric Systems

Although Jon Goding's educational background is in electrical engineering and RF communications, he embarked on a career that included large-scale computer system integration, network design and high-integrity software development.

From early on, everything Goding worked on included strict security requirements. As internetworked systems became the norm, information assurance (IA) grew in significance, and Goding applied his experience to create innovative solutions for many cross-company system design efforts and several special projects.

For the first two large projects Goding worked on in the 1980s, he faced difficult IA challenges and very high mission-availability requirements. "These weren't the kinds of skills taught in the standard electrical engineering curriculum at the time, so I had to learn on the job," he said. "I've always enjoyed working on difficult problems, and information assurance has presented me with those."

A 23-year Raytheon veteran, Goding presently serves as chief engineer for Raytheon's Information Operations campaign, where he is responsible for coordinating cross-company research and development in information operations and information assurance.

Goding served as the information assurance architect for the Navy–Marine Corps intranet from preproposal through initial operations. At the time it went operational, NMCI was the largest integrated secure network in use. When Raytheon formed a new Secure Networks product line, Jon was named its technology director.

Goding is a Raytheon Six Sigma™ Expert, and a co-inventor of several Raytheon information assurance innovations.