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Raytheon's Technology Networks symposia are some of the most successful sources of knowledge exchange and employee networking available to the engineering communities at Raytheon Company. The Mission Systems Integration Technology Network (MSITN) continued this success at its 2009 symposium held Aug. 10–13 at the Westin La Paloma in Tucson, Ariz.

With the theme, "From Mission Need to Customer Success," the symposium addressed the system life cycle from customer mission understanding, through integration and validation, to deployment and operational support. The MSI Technology Network is the champion of technology and knowledge that enables Raytheon to act as the customers’ agent in achieving their missions. Its role is to promote the exchange of relevant knowledge, technology and best practices across Raytheon.

Mission-Based Solutions
The 2009 symposium began with its first plenary speaker, Dr. Taylor W. Lawrence, Raytheon vice president and president of the company’s Missile Systems (MS) business.

"Raytheon’s Mission Systems Integration expertise provides our company with the opportunity to combine its vast array of products and services to give the warfighter a single, seamless, mission-based solution," Lawrence said.

"Our unique ability to integrate critical mission systems is in high demand worldwide, a demand that will only increase as we grow globally. Through MSI, we are able to better share innovations across the company and partner with our user community and world-class suppliers, to net solutions together for customer success. This further reinforces Raytheon’s commitment to no doubt Mission Assurance," he added.

Other keynote speakers included:
  • Barbara Johnson, vice president of Ground Enterprise Solutions for Raytheon’s Intelligence and Information Systems business
  • Brian Wells, senior principal engineering fellow and chief systems engineer within the Raytheon Corporate Engineering organization
  • Marvin Ebbert, special projects member of MS Engineering vice president’s staff
  • Michael Liggett, director of Technology Programs for Raytheon Corporate Business Development
Warfighter Panel
The MSI symposium hosted an interactive discussion with a six-member warfighter panel. All of the panelists were current Raytheon employees, some of them retired from their military careers and some still serving in the armed forces. They answered questions and provided insightful discussion on topics such as neutralizing our enemies’ ability to primitively, but effectively, adapt to our technologies and the creation of a "green bomb."

There were more than 455 attendees, 116 presentations, 10 tutorials and 20 "Birds of a Feather" meetings at the symposium. The MSI Chairs — Paul Benton, Mike Biss and Paul Weeks — and the entire symposium planning team provided a forum for broad collaboration and for sharing MSI capabilities, skills and insights — assisting to establish Raytheon as the premier Mission Systems Integrator and a recognized leader in systems engineering.