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Editor's Note
Cyberthreats, both foreign and domestic, have become a significant challenge for the world today in both military and commercial sectors. These threats can range from stealing someone’s identity, to stealing company records or military secrets, to sabotaging government computers and key elements of national infrastructures. This issue addresses some of these types of threats and how Raytheon is bringing its long history of innovative technologies together in new ways to create a safer cyberenvironment for our company and our customers.

In this issue, you’ll read two Raytheon leaders’ perspectives on what it takes to stay ahead of the constant barrage of cyberthreats that we face everyday, as well as the customer’s perspective on the cyberdomain. You’ll also read about the RedWolf product line of audio and electronic surveillance systems used by such agencies as the FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency, and learn more about Raytheon’s Product Data Management system — a business solution with common processes and tools that enable effective and efficient management and sharing of product information.


Lee Ann Sousa, Managing Editor