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Terry Stroud, Ph.D. (photo)

Terry Stroud, Ph.D.

Technical Information Dept.
Raytheon Technical Services Company Integrated Support Solutions

When it comes to training at Raytheon, Terry Stroud certainly has been there and done that. Since he first walked through Raytheon's doors 27 years ago, he has been involved with training or training development in some capacity.

Today, Stroud's department supports Patriot New Equipment Training by providing classroom instruction, interactive multimedia instruction (IMI) development, and the development of embedded training scenarios for the Patriot Conduct of Fire Trainer. His department also performs training and IMI development for programs such as Hawk, SLAMRAAM, Skyguard and Firefinder.

As department manager, Stroud's greatest challenge is continually providing the 90 employees under his charge with meaningful opportunities. "We have an extremely talented cadre of trainers and training developers," he said. "So we're always looking for new programs that can successfully employ their skills, while still fulfilling our obligations to our customers. We have to think two, three or more years ahead to make sure we have enough challenges to keep everyone engaged."

Stroud's first Raytheon training assignment was in 1981, when he served as producer of video-based training programs for the Kuwait Hawk program. He then moved into computer- based training development for various programs.

Looking back, Stroud credits his various supervisors with motivating him to succeed — and advance — in his career. "Each supervisor helped me to understand some portion of the business a little better than I did before. And all of them challenged me in some way to perform beyond what I thought was my capability at the time. They encouraged me to resolve issues and learn from my mistakes."