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Steve Orin (photo)

Steve Orin

Senior Manager
Hardware & Test Engineering
Raytheon Technical Services Company Engineering Western Region

Once an engineer, always an engineer. For Steve Orin, his passion for applying science to practical ends has stayed with him throughout his entire 30-year Raytheon career. "I've always enjoyed the hands-on aspect of engineering since my college days in engineering labs. Even now, working in Hardware & Test Engineering allows me to see a product from design to field delivery."

In his current role, Orin is responsible for Hardware & Test engineers in Chula Vista, El Segundo and Van Nuys, Calif., as well as engineers in White Sands, N.M. The types of engineering disciplines needed for each location differ considerably. "Tailoring our engineering processes and support across disciplines and customers is a challenge," he said.

Orin first joined Hughes Aircraft Company in 1978. Only a year later, he pursued and obtained a master's degree in business and management. "This knowledge, on top of my technical degree, gave me the ability to advance to positions in Operations, programs and engineering management."

The favorite part of his job? According to Orin, that's a no-brainer: It's the people he solves problems with on a daily basis. "Assembling a team of people from various disciplines and backgrounds focused to solve a customer problem always gives you the best solution. Watching entry-level engineers develop into seasoned professionals and technical leaders is exciting and rewarding."