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Douglas McGarvey (photo)

Douglas McGarvey

Chief Technologist
ReadiLog™ Integrated Solution Sets
Raytheon Technical Services Company

As head of the RTSC ReadiLog Integrated Solution Set development team, Douglas McGarvey knows that he must be adept at uniting disparate pieces if the whole is to work effectively. "The biggest challenge I face in this role is getting all of the different parts of Raytheon to be on one page."

McGarvey points to his time in the steel industry as an excellent training ground for this prominent position. "I spent 17 years in manufacturing process control and monitoring in the steel industry. Not only did that help me build my technical skills, it also helped me develop my leadership skills."

According to McGarvey, there's an even more essential contributing factor to his professional success. "I also must give credit to my wife for her support in my career. She has a wealth of knowledge and unending patience in listening to me as I work through difficult situations at work."

McGarvey joined Raytheon's ranks in 1999. Prior to his current role, McGarvey worked as a functional manager for both Systems and Software, led a multidiscipline development team for an Integrated Fire Control System, and led the DDG development team for Integrated Support Software Suite.

"I have a great passion for bringing technology solutions to the Mission Support area, which Raytheon has identified as a core market for the company," said McGarvey.