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John David (photo)

John David

Program Manager UAI
Raytheon Missile Systems

As the program manager of the Universal Armament Interface (UAI) industry team, John David is in charge of engineers from four competing companies: Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin. Leading this group of talented professionals is a responsibility he has relished for the past five years.

"UAI has provided me the opportunity to culminate an aircraft integration systems engineering career by leading the team that is successfully developing and deploying a plug-and-play protocol for smart weapons on aircraft," said David. "In my world, it doesn't get any better than this."

According to David, his biggest challenge isn't motivating engineers from competing companies to work together. Instead, it's "helping our Air Force customer coordinate with and motivate aircraft and weapon program offices to implement UAI protocols as defined so that integrations can occur successfully."

At age 65, David has seen it all with respect to the integration of missiles on combat aircraft. His experience in the field dates back to 1973 when he worked as a member of the HARM proposal team at Texas Instruments.

"I've had the challenge and extreme pleasure of working with some of the best engineers in our industry — both within the U.S. and in Europe," said David. "I have learned from them, taught them, and shared with them the combat success stories of our work."