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Fred Darlington (photo)

Fred Darlington

Vice President of Engineering and Technology
Raytheon Technical Services Company

During his 27 years at Raytheon, Fred Darlington has performed an array of engineering assignments — from factory to field to lab — with the explicit goal of addressing problems and making improvements. "I love to find solutions to complex problems," said Darlington.

For the past two years, Darlington has been solving problems as vice president of Engineering and Technology at Raytheon Technical Services Company (RTSC). Darlington's responsibilities include managing a cross-business team of nearly 4,000 engineers, strengthening RTSC's engineering capability, defining and supporting current and future technology needs, and working collaboratively across Raytheon to leverage the company's diverse technology and engineering talent.

With three regions in the United States and field operations in 77 countries, managing a large technical cross-business team is a daunting task. His biggest challenge, as he sees it, "is reinforcing a culture of accountability. I worry about meeting our commitments 100 percent of the time, and a culture of accountability and responsibility will help us get there."

Prior to his current role, Darlington was director of Raytheon Network Systems' (NCS) satellite communications product line and director of Engineering for the NCS Northeast region, which includes Canada.