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More than 400 engineers, technologists, customers and suppliers from across the country gathered outside of Boston in April for the first Information Systems and Computing (ISaC) Symposium. Formerly the Processing Systems and Software Systems Technology Networks, the two networks combined last year to form the new ISaC Technology Network (TN). This event, like the other TN symposia, provided a unique opportunity for Raytheon employees to come together to share their knowledge and experiences in a very tangible way, bring that shared knowledge back home with them, and use it to develop even better products, services and solutions for our customers.

As the defense environment changes, so the Raytheon Technology Networks continue to adapt to meet ever-changing technology challenges. One of the biggest changes seen in the past year has been a broader awareness of the very real Advanced Persistent Threat and its implications for our information assurance and information operations technologies. Processing system security is being addressed in multiple products.

To address some of these new and daunting challenges, this year's symposium focused on four core areas: advanced analytics and intelligent systems, emerging architecture methods, high-performance computing, and information systems/information operations. Attendees were encouraged to participate in some of more than 150 sessions in several tracks and to recognize that today's engineers need to move freely across traditional boundaries. They must be knowledgeable about financial, security and legal issues as well.

Moving forward, the ISaCTN recognizes its need to establish a forward-looking technology focus. Just following the commercial-off-the-shelf industry does not serve the nation's needs for technology advantage on the battlefield. ISaCTN has identified potential focus areas such as multicore processors, cybersecurity, software methods, FOSS, quantum computing and GPUs. A key advantage of the new TN is that ISaC includes a strong focus on information systems — knowledge management, intelligent systems, information assurance, and information operations — building on the solid core of processor and software technology. The combined focus on these areas will enable ISaC to guide Raytheon into the next decade.