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A Message From Mark E. Russell
Vice President of Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance
Mark E. Russell (photo)

There are many approaches to technological innovation. At Raytheon, our approach is diverse. It captures both top-down and bottom-up ideas. It is disruptive and incremental. It is directed at broad areas for use by the entire company, and the needs of individual Raytheon businesses. Our approach is comprehensive because innovations can come from anywhere.

At the same time, we know that the goal of innovation is not just to come up with state-of-the-art technologies, but to develop new capabilities that meet our customers' needs in a timely manner. Raytheon has a long history of developing innovative solutions for our customers, as highlighted in this issue of Technology Today. Innovation at Raytheon results from a culture that enables individuals to challenge themselves and the status quo to develop new and better solutions. Innovation occurs within our programs — as part of our technology planning and independent research and development programs — and through numerous initiatives aimed specifically at identifying and nurturing innovation. At Raytheon, innovation is more than coming up with a new idea — it's making that idea a reality. That is what makes the difference for our customers.

This philosophy comes directly from our Chairman and CEO William H. Swanson, who leads Raytheon with a consistent focus on the customer. In fact, Raytheon's goal is to be regarded as a customer focused company known for its technology and innovation, enabling our customers' success.

In the following pages, you will learn about the many ways Raytheon innovates, including articles about our culture of innovation, the processes we use to innovate, and of course, the innovations our culture and processes have produced.

In this issue's Leaders Corner column, we hear from John Zolper, Raytheon vice president of Research and Development. John talks about the importance of mining fresh ideas and the programs that the company has implemented to nurture innovation.

In 2009, innovation is taking on added significance. Engineering, Technology and Mission Assurance is holding the Raytheon Technology Forum, March 25–26, in Washington, D.C. Organized under a theme of "Innovating the Future," the event will be an opportunity for our engineers and customers to discuss innovative ways to meet tomorrow's evolving mission needs.

Best Regards,

Mark E. Russell