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Current Issue - 2009 Issue 1

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An Inclusive Approach to Innovation at Raytheon
Innovation, as embodied in a novel product, method, or service providing a result with a valued quantifiable gain, is receiving significant attention in industry and government. The mantra, "innovate or die," is now being applied to corporations and industries. At Raytheon, we have always prided ourselves on our culture of innovation — it's not a passing trend, it's how we do business. This culture of innovation enables us to provide leading-edge solutions to our customers, as we have continuously done for more than 85 years. But we are not resting on our laurels.

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Additional Features:

Raytheon's Innovations in Sensor Systems

Raytheon has a long history of applying and integrating innovations to produce world-class sensor solutions for our customers. One area where this is readily apparent is in our state-of-the-art systems.

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Mission Innovation: Fueling The Engine

Raytheon's formal innovation organizations are the "sparks" that ignite the engine into creative action for solving a wide variety of pressing global issues. One such organization — Integrated Defense Systems' Mission Innovation — has been generating sparks for four years.

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Swarm Intelligence for Automatic Knowledge Extraction

Raytheon internal research in ant colony systems and artificial immune systems was recognized with Raytheon's 2007 IDEA Program Innovator of the Year award. (For more about the IDEA program, see "Innovation at Raytheon.")

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The Bike Shop: Engaging the Innovator

Innovation, rapid product development, rapid reaction, prototyping, rapid transition to production. Sound familiar? These, and many other semantically similar phrases, have become the ubiquitous clichés of developmental industries. This article is about innovation and innovators; it is also about customers, problem solving and growing the business.

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The Rapid Initiatives Group

The RIG, led by NCS Vice President Gene Blackwell, is a strategic business growth organization that operates in a streamlined, rapid-response environment to identify opportunities, assess and shape their strategic value, develop solutions and form partnerships, and transition the pursuit to the appropriate Raytheon product line.

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Office of Innovation

Rapid development of space vehicles, three-dimensional sensing systems, and homeland defense systems are just three of hundreds of ideas that have been arriving in Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems' Office of Innovation. Each shows how employees with good ideas relate to customer needs to create growth using the SAS innovation tools.

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Connecting the Quantum Dots

The process of coming up with a good idea can be long; building a prototype and acquiring funding can have many facets. Most pursuits of technology breakthroughs are dry holes. But sometimes an examination of the pile of dirt next to the hole leads you in a new direction that eventually creates real value.

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Raytheon's Innovation Partnerships

Part of Raytheon's technology strategy incorporates external sources of innovation as a complement to its internal and contracted research and development efforts. Raytheon invests and teams on applied research that supports the company's core and growth market pursuits.

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Raytheon Innovations Making Headlines

Raytheon's newest innovations have garnered attention from around the world. Media outlets are highlighting new capabilities the company has identified and matured, most notably in the areas of force protection, space sensing, search and rescue, and advanced robotics.

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Mark Russell

Message from
Mark E. Russell

There are many approaches to technological innovation. At Raytheon, our approach is diverse. It captures both top-down and bottom-up ideas. It is disruptive and incremental. It is directed at broad areas for use by the entire company, and the needs of individual Raytheon businesses. Our approach is comprehensive because innovations can come from anywhere.

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Editor's Note

At Raytheon, we have some of the most talented and innovative people in the world, all focused on one thing — providing the best possible solutions to our customers around the world. Whether it's developing state-of-the-art technologies or redesigning existing products and technologies in new and creative ways to meet a customer need, innovation is truly part of our culture — it's in our DNA.

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