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Editor's Note
At Raytheon, we have some of the most talented and innovative people in the world, all focused on one thing — providing the best possible solutions to our customers around the world. Whether it's developing state-of-the-art technologies or redesigning existing products and technologies in new and creative ways to meet a customer need, innovation is truly part of our culture — it's in our DNA.

This issue of Technology Today explores our innovative culture and initiatives, such as the Raytheon IDEA program, the annual Raytheon Innovation Challenge, and university partnerships, to name a few. It also highlights some of the technologies and programs that make Raytheon an innovative leader, like swarm intelligence, oil extraction from shale technology and SilenTrack for surveillance in dense urban environments.

This issue introduces a new section called Legacy of Innovation, which highlights some of Raytheon's early innovations. You'll also read about a new MathMovesU™ initiative, called Science of Sports, as well as our summer technology symposia.


Lee Ann Sousa, Managing Editor