The contacts posted below are listed for journalistic inquires only. If you are seeking employment with Raytheon or want to be a Raytheon supplier, please visit the Contact Us page.

 Global Headquarters - Waltham, Mass.
Dave Desilets Tel: 781.522.5855
International Business
Mike Doble Tel: 703.284.4345
U.S. Business
 Integrated Defense Systems - Tewksbury, Mass.
Carolyn Beaudry Tel: 401.842.3550
Seapower Capability Systems, Naval Solutions, Naval and Maritime Radars
Roopa Bhide Tel: 978.858.9304
Integrated Air & Missile Defense
Mike Nachshen Tel: 520.269.5697
Global Integrated Sensors
Donna Ayer Tel: 978.858.1495
Integrated Defense Systems and Advanced Technology
Cynthia Baker Tel: 714.446.4600
C4I Systems, Air Traffic Management
 Intelligence, Information and Services - Garland, Texas and Dulles, Va.
Jason Kello Tel: 571.250.1428
Cybersecurity, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Unmanned Ground Control Systems, Environmental Solutions, Immigration Control and Identity Management, and Biometrics
Scott Fazekas Tel: 571.250.1877
Technical Services, Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS), Warfigher FOCUS, F-16 Systems
Nathalie Bloomfield Tel: 972.205.5200
Raytheon Professional Services
Valerie MacDonald Tel: 403.295.6694
Raytheon Canada Support Services
 Missile Systems - Tucson, Ariz.
John Patterson Tel: 520.794.4559
General Inquiries
John Patterson Tel: 520.794.4559
Land Warfare Systems
Javelin Weapon System, Excalibur®, TOW®, Stinger™, TALON, Combat Systems (HTI FLIR, LAV-AT, LRAS3, PSDS2, ITSS, IBAS, CIV), Soldier Sensors (Thermal Weapon Sights, PhantomIRxr®, ENVG, Optics)
Tara Wood Tel: 520.794.7715
Naval and Area Mission Defense Systems (Phalanx®, SeaRAM™, RAM®, ESSM™)
Heather Uberuaga Tel. 520.891.8421
Air and Missile Defense Systems (SM-2, SM-3™, SM-6, EKV, Tamir, Stunner)
John Patterson Tel: 520.794.4559
Advanced Missile Systems (SeaGriffin™, PERM, Mobile Range, Pyros®, Persistent Close Air Support, Raytheon Albuquerque, Raytheon Rancho Innovations, Space Programs)
Ashley Heather Tel: 520.794.5142
Air Warfare Systems (Maverick™, Paveway™, JSOW, MALD®, AMRAAM®, AIM-9X®, HARM®/HCSM, Griffin®, SDB II™)
John Patterson Tel: 520.794.4559
Air Warfare Systems (Tomahawk)
 Space and Airborne Systems - El Segundo, Calif.
Corinne Kovalsky Tel: 310.647.9178
Director of Integrated Communications and Public Affairs
Theresa Huerta Tel: 805.879.2167
Tactical Airborne Systems, Electronic Warfare
DJ Sandler Tel: 310.647.9067
International Relations
Melissa Parker Tel: 972.952.4028
Intelligence, Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Applied Signal Technologies
John Barksdale Tel: 310.658.9547
Space Systems, Raytheon BBN
Peter Ramjug Tel: 508.490.2639
Integrated Communications Systems
Nick West Tel: +44 (0) 1895 816207
Raytheon UK


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