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Contract signed with BAE Systems to provide South Korea integrated AESA radar, electronic warfare, mission computing technologies and weapon systems integration.

As a key subcontractor to BAE Systems, the company will provide a fully integrated avionics suite that includes the Raytheon Advanced Combat Radar (RACR), ALR-69A all-digital radar warning receiver, advanced mission computing technology and weapon systems integration for more than 130 planes. 

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“South Korea’s competitive selection of our RACR last year gave us an important foothold in the international F-16 upgrade market,” said Jim Hvizd, vice president of International Strategy and Business Development for Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems.

RACR mounted on an F-16
The Raytheon Advanced Combat Radar (RACR) is an export-ready, active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar designed specifically for the F-16 airframe.

AESA radars  like RACR use electronics to steer radar waves, giving them far more flexibility than previous technology based on moving transmitters.

This contract adds the F-16 Fighting Falcon to the roster of fighters already retrofitted with Raytheon AESA radars:  the F-15C, F-15E, F/A-18E/F and EA-18G Growler.

"RACR complements and leverages Raytheon's F-16 avionics heritage to provide the lowest risk, most affordable and highest reliability AESA retrofit solution," said Hvizd.

F-16 with ghosted RACR
Cutaway view of RACR installed on an F-16.

Raytheon's F-16 avionics heritage spans more than 25 years with deliveries of mission critical avionics systems including mission computers, electronic warfare systems, Anti-Jam GPS receivers and various weapons.


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