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The American Hospital Association (AHA) has announced that it has exclusively endorsed Simulation-Based Training solutions from Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) and Medical Simulation Corporation (MSC).

In partnership with MSC, RPS has created and will implement simulation training that is aligned with the important objectives of the AHA’s almost 5,000 member hospitals and care givers.

“Simulation-Based Training from RPS and MSC gives care providers the opportunity to practice clinical techniques and procedures in a realistic, immersive environment, leading to an improvement in the quality of patient care and a reduction in medical errors,” said Anthony J. Burke, president and CEO of AHA Solutions.

Simulation-Based Training from Raytheon and MSC provides blended learning solutions and a comprehensive array of simulation technologies to health care professionals across a wide range of hospital clinical areas, with a focus on creating clinical and cost control results.

This helps healthcare organizations achieve operational excellence by improving their efficiency and effectiveness through positive clinical outcomes, and improved patient safety.

To find out more about how RPS's Simulation-Based Training solutions can help you drive efficiency and effectiveness, contact us today.



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AHA Endorsement

Raytheon Professional Services’ Simulation-Based Training solutions and MSC’s SimSuite have earned the exclusive endorsement of the American Hospital Association.

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