Last Updated: 09/18/2012*

Profiles in Diversity Journal has selected Kristin Hilf, Raytheon vice president of Communications for Integrated Defense Systems (IDS), for its annual Women Worth Watching® feature. The publication recognized the exemplary professional accomplishments of women in business across a range of industries.

In its eleventh year, the award is a tribute to diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Raytheon executives previously featured as Women Worth Watching include:

  • Lynn Mortensen (2012) Raytheon vice president of Engineering, Intelligence and Information Systems.
  • Pamela Wickham (2011), Raytheon vice president of Corporate Affairs and Communications.
  • Lynn Dugle (2010), Raytheon vice president and president of Intelligence and Information Systems.
  • Rebecca Rhoads (2007), Raytheon vice president and chief information officer.


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