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Jeff Snyder

Jeff Snyder, vice president of cyber programs at Raytheon, will speak on a panel discussing cyber security at the Wharton Aerospace Defense & Technology West 2012 Conference. The panel will discuss how cyber security best practices and leadership from the private sector can be applied to the significant and growing needs of the public sector to tackle the increasing number of cyber-attacks against corporations and government agencies.

The panel discussion will take place on September 27, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. ET. As Raytheon continues to raise awareness around the vital need to develop cyber resiliency for our nation’s critical infrastructure, this panel will further the discussion of how government and other public sector agencies can learn from and improve upon cyber security innovations from the private sector.

The Wharton Aerospace Defense & Technology West 2012 Conference is a premiere industry event that will focus on the shift from products and technologies to business models and value, and the role that innovation will play as the Government and the Aerospace and Defense industry face this shift.

Additional participants on the cyber security panel include Robert Ames, senior vice president, In-Q-Tel; Brad Rotter, CEO, Air Patrol; Scott Aken, vice president of strategic ventures, L-3 Communications – STRATIS Division; and Sam Visner, vice president and lead executive for cyber security, CSC.



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Raytheon Company builds Cyber Resiliency into architectures, systems, and products, helping ensure organizations can anticipate and withstand inevitable attacks with mission continuity, recover from them, and evolve to minimize adverse impacts from future cyber attacks.


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