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Raytheon's AEHF terminals instantly link the president of the United States with his most senior military advisers around the globe, wherever the commander in chief may be.

Advanced satellite communications are an absolute necessity for military victory. The information that gets sent around the world must be kept safe, secure and protected. It can’t be intercepted by adversaries.

Confidential communications in all domains -- air, land and sea
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A soldier on the ground uses advanced satellites to urgently send pictures of a high-value target. Meanwhile, a submarine quietly lurking below the ocean's surface is transmitting confidential orders to the same satellite constellation. At the same time, a jet flying high above the clouds is relaying full motion video. The U.S. military's most important data has to be kept secured and protected, and Raytheon's Advanced Extremely High Frequency terminals provide anti-jam, anti-intercept assurance. We are the only provider of AEHF terminals that are in production for the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force.

The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) satellites provide U.S. armed forces with greater bandwidth to reliably transmit battlefield data. Through the Family of Advanced Beyond Line of Sight Terminal (FAB-T) program, the Air Force is ensuring delivery of a fully functional Command Post Terminal for strategic and non-strategic nuclear command and control.

Raytheon, a leader in protected military satellite communications for more than 30 years, is offering its proven terminal architecture to fulfill the Air Force’s requirements. We are the only provider of AEHF terminals that are in production for the Army, Navy and Air Force. FAB-T would extend this capability to the aircraft used by the president and other top government officials.


3 for 3

All three terminals have successfully tested with the on-orbit AEHF satellite. They demonstrated interoperable communications using the satellite's Extended Data Rate waveform, one of the military’s most complex, low probability-detect, anti-jam waveforms. It moves data more than five times faster than previous EHF systems.



Our terminals currently support military operations on the legacy Milstar satellites, and are deployed and ready to operate with the newest AEHF satellites as soon as they are operational.

We are providing more mission flexibility and significantly increased capacity for protected voice, data and video communications supporting strategic and non-strategic nuclear forces. Mission assured.



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