Last Updated: 10/22/2012*

Raytheon’s Chief Technology Officer, Bill Kizcuk, spoke on a panel at the U.S.-Poland Economic Forum on October 10. Kizcuk discussed how business and government can work to ensure that innovation and technological advancements drive growth and employment.

The event, held at the New York Stock Exchange, brought together official representatives of the Polish and U.S. government and private sector leaders to define ways to advance economic cooperation within a dynamically changing global context. The themes for the forum included: the potential for business cooperation, trade and investments; energy cooperation and dialogue in response to new challenges in the energy sector; and determinants of economic growth (innovation and the high-tech sector).

The event was organized by Poland's Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Treasury, the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, New York University Stern School of Business, Global Summit of Women, and Vital Voices Global Partnership. The forum was a follow-up on initiatives and ideas from the Poland-U.S. Business Summit, held on June 20, 2012 in Warsaw.


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