Last Updated: 03/14/2012*

If it’s March 14, 3.14, it must be Pi Day. This year, Raytheon is expanding its annual Pi Day celebration by delivering hundreds of apple pies to math and science teachers at middle and high schools located within a 3.14-mile radius of select company locations across the country.

Pi, the mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14, is celebrated nationwide March 14 because of the date’s numerical significance. As part of its MathMovesU® initiative, Raytheon celebrates Pi Day to highlight the significance of pi calculations in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) innovation.

Raytheon’s Pi Day celebration includes STEM teacher recognition with apple pie deliveries, an annual Pi Day badge, shareable from MathMovesU on Facebook and the MathMovesU website, as well as other localized activities.

Raytheon employees will deliver approximately 500 pies to hundreds of STEM educators within 3.14 miles of select Raytheon locations, including Tucson, Ariz.; El Segundo, Calif.; Colorado Springs, CO; Washington, D.C.; Orlando, Fla.; Indianapolis, Ind.; Tewksbury, Mass.; Waltham, Mass.; and Omaha, Neb.


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